Bitcoin (BTC) Surpasses $45k Mark, Pandoshi Raises Over $1.7M

At this moment, the cryptocurrency market finds itself in a delicate and potentially historic phase. The industry is abuzz with the possibility that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) might approve a Bitcoin ETF, a development eagerly anticipated by crypto enthusiasts. This speculation has acted as a catalyst, propelling Bitcoin (BTC) to surpass the $45k mark, its highest valuation this year, and igniting speculation about an impending bull run.

While Bitcoin continues to capture headlines with its remarkable performance, there is another narrative unfolding in the crypto space. A new and promising project, Pandoshi, is rapidly gaining traction, poised to possibly mirror Bitcoin’s recent price surge. With its innovative features and a vision that resonates with current market trends, Pandoshi stands out as more than just another cryptocurrency. It brings a fresh perspective to the crypto landscape, offering potential growth opportunities for early investors.

Remarkably, in just the first two weeks of its public presale, Pandoshi has already made a significant impact, successfully raising over $1.7 million. This achievement not only underscores the project’s appeal but also reflects the growing interest and confidence among investors in new, dynamic crypto ventures.

What is Pandoshi (PAMBO)?

Pandoshi, a fresh entrant in the crypto market, is currently in the third stage of its presale, offering tokens at $0.006. To date, the project has amassed over $750,000 and aims to reach a $1,200,000 milestone before advancing to the subsequent presale stage, where the token price is set to rise.

The Pandoshi team is meticulously executing their strategy and receiving widespread acclaim from crypto specialists, who believe the project has the potential to become a widely recognized cryptocurrency.

The enthusiasm for Pandoshi stems mainly from two aspects: its commitment to addressing real-world issues and its smart tokenomics.

The infrastructure of Pandoshi includes a Layer-2 Network that operates on the eco-friendlier Proof of Stake protocol. It also features a decentralized exchange, a secure non-custodial wallet, metaverse gaming, educational programs, and cryptocurrency-friendly prepaid cards, all powered by the native PAMBO token.

The project has recently announced its advancement ahead of schedule with the development of a significant component, the non-custodial Pandoshi Wallet. The beta version, compatible with all EVM networks, is set to be released soon and will be available as both a browser extension and a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Pandoshi’s approach to tackling real-world problems, particularly in the realms of decentralized finance and privacy, is noteworthy. Understanding the functionality of the PAMBO token is crucial to recognizing its value. PAMBO is a utility token at the heart of the Pandoshi ecosystem, vital for transactions, services, NFTs, and other decentralized applications. As the demand for Pandoshi’s services grows, so too does the demand and potential value of the PAMBO token.

PAMBO’s total supply is fixed at 2 billion, with half reserved for the presale, capped at 1 billion tokens. The allocation plan includes 20% for decentralized exchange liquidity, 10% for centralized exchange liquidity, and 20% for marketing initiatives.

PAMBO is crafted as a deflationary token with a buy-and-burn mechanism. This approach involves purchasing the token at market rates and then permanently removing it from circulation, enhancing its rarity. Each project component adds to PAMBO’s value, such as the decentralized exchange which uses transaction fees to buy and then retire PAMBO tokens, increasing its scarcity and preventing these tokens from re-entering the market.

Pandoshi’s presale is segmented into five phases. Currently, it’s in the third phase with tokens priced at $0.006. In the next phase, the price will rise to $0.008 and finally reach $0.01 in the last phase:

  • Phase 1: $0.002 per token
  • Phase 2: $0.004 per token
  • Phase 3: $0.006 per token (Current Phase)
  • Phase 4: $0.008 per token
  • Final Phase: $0.01 per token

The project is garnering significant attention within the crypto community, with many viewing it as a pivotal development. The mounting excitement indicates that the initial public sale may quickly sell out, leading those who missed the initial opportunity to flock to exchanges to acquire PAMBO after its public sale, potentially driving up its price.

All the products of the project’s ecosystem and the well-structured crypto economy make this project the best choice for an investor. Pandoshi’s cryptocurrency, PAMBO, can be purchased on the project’s official website, where you will also find instructions on how to buy it.


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