Bitcoin (BTC) Remains Resilient while DigiToads (TOADS) Pioneers a Fresh Wave of Memecoins

DigiToads NFT

Bitcoin (BTC) plunged on the news of the SEC suing Binance, but then the next day rallied hard and regained all the ground it had lost the day before, even though the SEC announced it was suing Coinbase. Bottoms often occur when bad news fails to move the markets lower. There is a sea of opportunity at this current moment. With the market leaders standing firm, the upside potential for altcoins like TOADS is outrageous, and seasoned traders have already begun bidding on the presale.

DigiToads (TOADS) The New Wave: Memecoins Meets Sustainable Tokenomics

DigiToads releases an entire suite of DeFi projects rolled into one enormous self-sustaining ecosystem known as The Swamp. With a native decentralized exchange, a play-to-earn game, an educational platform, monthly on-chain trading competitions, and NFT staking, TOADS pioneers a new era of memecoins backed by utilities.

Each part of the ecosystem works in tandem, and generated revenue feeds itself back to TOADS holders allowing all community members to earn together. The whole protocol exists as an economic flywheel generating wealth and popularity that travels back to the community. There are taxes to enter and leave The Swamp, providing a constant stream of capital divided amongst various purposes such as funding the NFT staking pool and token burns. Thereby ensuring sustainable payouts and an increasing value of TOADS long-term. This deflationary token has already received forecasts of rallying 900% in the coming weeks.

During the presale, 3,500 NFTs will be released, and they have already been earmarked to become some of the most popular NFTs, given that the protocol will pay out 2% of every transaction to NFT stakers. As these trending NFTs draw a fresh wave of attention to TOADS, it rapidly cements its place as not only a pioneering project but one of DeFi’s top altcoins. As TOADS leads the charge for a fresh wave of memecoins, early investors will enjoy all the upside as this challenger disrupts the status quo.

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Bitcoin (BTC) Regains $27,000

Bitcoin (BTC) slumped and regained its focus, and the recent events will once again highlight the power of self-custody and lead to another flight to non-custodial wallets. Investors will pull Bitcoin (BTC) from exchanges, having learned the lesson the hard way throughout 2022. Other assets like Ethereum (ETH) will end up in DeFi, fueling the growth of projects like DigiToads.

With the collapse in the banking sector and the debt ceiling agreement signed, Jerome Powell will turn the money printer back on- a matter of when not if. Risk assets always perform spectacularly when he does, and Bitcoin (BTC) will be in line to receive a good portion of this cheap liquidity. Hence analysts’ predictions of Bitcoin (BTC) trading between $47,221.52 and $56,472.19 next year. 


Investors should watch alt coins in the coming months. As regulatory scrutiny increases, more capital will find its way into DeFi, which will enlarge the valuations of projects able to capture it. DigiToads is first in line, given the numerous earning possibilities in its ecosystem, and with no vesting period and a dynamic supply-driven price, the presale itself holds insane amounts of upside potential.

The DigiToads journey is just beginning, and investors must decide which side of the wave they want to be on. Surf to the moon earning TOADS or crushed by the wave of regret for hearing about the presale and not participating. 

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.

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