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Bitcoin (BTC) Key Metric See Decline, Why It Might Be Time to Find An Alternative

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The current Bitcoin (BTC) price is reported at $61518, indicating a 0.63% increase in price. Its market cap holds on to the top spot with a value of $1.23T, marking a 2% increase in value. In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin (BTC) trading volume increased by over 74%, totaling $22.88B.

However, despite this strong showing, key metrics suggest that all could be better with the token as investors consider alternative investment options.

Bitcoin (BTC) Monthly Metric Shows the Cryptocurrency has not Recovered.

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) is one of the most checked metrics online, and many will remember how the coin beat its previous all-time high to trade above $73k in March 2024. 

However, two months after making history, investors who bought at that price or close to it are yet to make returns on their Bitcoin (BTC) investment.

While Bitcoin’s (BTC) price today shows a healthy increase and bullish sentiments, the monthly graph tells a different story. The coin experienced a 6% fall in value last month and a 2% decrease on the weekly chart. 

This also applies to Bitcoin’s (BTC) market capitalization. A quick check shows a more than 7% decrease last week and another 6% fall in the past month. Additionally, the historical metric shows that the coin has stayed stagnant on the $60k mark since falling from its all-time high.

Some analysts believe the possibility of the coin breaking its support and falling to $51k is high, especially with profit-takers seeking to take advantage of marginal highs to recoup their profits. Investors should look into alternative options like stocks, bonds, ETFs, and so on to reduce the impact another Bitcoin (BTC) decline can have on their portfolio.

Alternative Investment with RCO Finance

RCO Finance is a platform that merges crypto investments with real-world assets. This platform will allow users to buy real-world assets like stocks and bonds with their crypto assets. It removes the red tape and intermediary barriers placed by traditional regulators to prevent access to day-to-day investors.

The platform harnesses the potential of blockchain technology to provide a safe, secure, and decentralized platform for all. Users can also use AI to trade crypto and gain insights into market movements.

RCO Finance’s key offerings include purchasing stocks, bonds, real estate, and alternative investment options.

Its AI trading tools also offer advanced machine assistance for beginner or novice investors in analyzing market trends and identifying investment opportunities. When conditions are set, trades can also be executed on your behalf.

Investors can also take advantage of the Automated Market Making (AMM) option, which allows users to earn additional money by providing liquidity to trading crypto pairs.


RCO Finance provides a viable alternative to various exchanges. It employs innovative techniques, such as the AI trading tool and automated market-making, to provide a low-cost platform for trading and buying crypto.

RCOF is currently in the first stage of its presale and is priced at $0.0127 per token. Early investors can buy low and sell at huge profits in the future.

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