Bitcoin (BTC) Halving: Uwerx (WERX) Presale Pumps

Bitcoin (BTC) Halving

Bitcoin (BTC) is back and running upwards as the market reacts positively to the news of BlackRock filing for a Bitcoin Spot ETF. Crypto traders have moved to take bullish positions on Bitcoin in hopes that the SEC grants BlackRock’s filing. Most users are confident that BlackRock will get the approval as it’s the largest asset management firm, overseeing almost $10 trillion worths of assets under management (AUM). This is a clear strategy of “buy the rumor, sell the news” as most crypto traders look to cash in on Bitcoin’s price action.

Uwerx presale has continued to raise funds amidst the recent market ups and downs, and early adopters prefer it as a distraction from current market volatility.


Bitcoin (BTC) Halving Is Almost Here

With Bitcoin (BTC) halving underway, it’s conceivable that the upcoming event, anticipated in the second quarter of 2024, would improve the performance of the cryptocurrency. Past Bitcoin halvings have always been associated with a pump on BTC prices followed by general market healthiness. 

Prior Bitcoin halving cycles are events to look forward to, and since it increases Bitcoin’s “prospective scarcity” and supports its supply/demand dynamics, the halving of the block reward is frequently seen favorably. Block rewards for miners are split in half during this time. However, Bitcoin’s current prices are way higher than what it was in the previous halving event of May 2022. 

Several experts have expressed concerns about current BTC prices and how halving could push miners out of business due to the rewards not being compensatory enough to run the nodes. Most people are quite positive that the market will cover the present concerns as halving draws nearer, and a Bitcoin pump is something most crypto enthusiasts are betting on towards Q2 2024.

Bitcoin (BTC) has great prospects towards halving but an even better prospect towards Q2 2024 is Uwerx on presale.

Uwerx (WERX) Presents Great Prospects Toward Q4 2023

Uwerx is a new freelance platform currently in its ICO stage, and it has appeared on the radar of several crypto enthusiasts and early adopters as a great prospect towards Q2 2024. On its Stage 5 presale, Uwerx has raised almost $2 million and continues to raise funds as new presale buyers discover the unique opportunity for possible gains.

Uwerx’s approach to the market makes it an outlier, and its prospects have attracted early adopters to take that chance on the emerging project. With some impressive blockchain-enabled features like incentivization and community governance, users can enjoy the decentralized platform for its lesser fees and collective control allowed to users. 

WERX rewards will be available to users based on their activity on the platform, and it’s impressive that the same token will serve as the primary utility and governance token. Also, freelancers and clients will be able to transact with cryptocurrencies other than WERX to ease the friction of currency conversions from independent workers worldwide.

Experts predict that WERX could run as high as $3 by 2024 from its current presale price of $0.047725. Seize the opportunity to get in and join the Uwerx presale now for a 15% bonus on your purchase.





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