Binemon acquires Draken DEX: Decentralization in Action

Binemon NFT Game, the name that has been and is still attracting tons of curiosity among the Blockchain game community by its impressive achievements in a very short time period. What’s even more surprising is that they had made a bold #GameFi move when acquiring, a part of the DRK Chain ecosystem, to exclusively serve their players.

According to the analysis data from more than 2 weeks after the launch of Chapter 1 – Prometheus, Binemon has recorded over 300,000 sold Eggs; 24,100 active wallets and over 1.1 million of transactions made on DRK Chain. These astounding figures display the huge potential of a new project that is on track to become the second unicorn in the field of “play-to-earn”.

In the 3rd day of Binemon’s AMA event, the team has shared with the community about an “acquisition agreement of in every aspect”. The acquisition decision seemed to be made based on their desire to obtain the technologies that is providing, such as: Cross-chain, Anonymous Smart Contract, DEX, SWAP V2, Farming, Staking, Lending, etc. to combine with NFT Game and create a whole new concept: #GameFi (Finance Game).

How is this acquisition benefiting the players of Binemon? is known as a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, which means all transactions and user information are stored and processed on smart contracts, DRK Chain’s smart contracts to be more specific. This operating mechanism enables  advantages of the “decentralization” movement such as: no registration and KYC required, nearly zero transaction fee, fast trading/deposit/withdrawal TX, always secured and anonymous.

Over 1 week before the acquisition was announced, trading volume and Total Value Locked (TVL) of had significantly increased (more than 2.5 million Dollar) to meet the liquidity demand from the “play-to-earn’ game in the coming time. The goal of Binemon team, through this acquisition of, an all-in-one DeFi product that assembles all essential features to be seen in the DeFi movement, is to help their players get familiar with the crypto world and hence, optimize their profit. Meanwhile, Binemon will be enabled to diversify their business portfolio in the future.

To Sum Up is surely still not a big name in the industry, but through their functioning products and the upsurge of NFT Game, this combination is sustaining Binemon in its long journey well-prepared.

In no time, Binemon will release their PVP game mode with many exciting features, displayed in brilliant internet meme-inspired 3D graphics and is promised to be one of the prominent NFT Game in the market.





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