Binance’s market share drops with the end of zero-fee BTC trading, Tradecurve to offer the lowest fees in trading


According to a new report revealed by CCData, the Binance cryptocurrency exchange saw a loss in market share since the ending of zero-fee Bitcoin trading. The market share has continued to slide for the second consecutive month, and users are worried about using the platform as a result. A competing exchange, Tradecurve, offers the lowest fees in the industry and enables borderless access to cryptocurrencies and derivatives.

Binance’s Market Share Dip

 The CCData Report that was released in the middle of May 2023 reveals that the exchange’s market share has been down by 46.3% and marked the lowest market share the Binance exchange has experienced since October 2022. This drop followed Binance’s decision to end the zero-fee promotional period for a majority of the BTC trading pairs. 

“We forecasted a drop in market share once we ended our zero-fee BTC trading promotion for most trading pairs. This is not a concern for us. We continue to maintain our strong financial performance.” said a spokesperson behind the company in a report by Cointelegraph. The spokesperson did note that Binance’s goal is to cater to users through new and existing products while also investing in compliance processes and achieving new regulatory certainty. 

Binance controlled over half of the market share, with numbers showing that its share was as high as 57.6%. Spot trading on Binance also decreased by 48.1% to $287 billion in April 2023. As a result, investors are looking at alternative exchanges, and Tradecurve has introduced features that have enabled it to stand out.


Tradecurve Offers The Lowest Fees In The Industry

Tradecurve combines the best elements found in DEXs and CEXs and creates a platform that enables anyone to trade any derivative alongside cryptocurrencies while maintaining their privacy with the platform’s DeFi capabilities. Tradecurve also offers traders a comprehensive set of tools for trading alongside educational resources. 

There’s low latency execution, algorithmic trading with AI implementation, subscription-based social trading, and high leverage starting at 500:1. Users are able to open an account by using their email address and can then deposit crypto that will be used as collateral to margin trade futures, options or other OTC derivative products alongside cryptocurrencies, preventing the need for KYC requirements.

The exchange will also feature transparent pricing, where users receive standardized pricing across all asset classes and affordable trading fees that can be checked on-chain. They can secure the most favorable prices and obtain greater returns on each investment. 

The pricing model is designed to be fair and transparent and ensure that traders do not come across unreasonable fees, also the team will implement Proof of Reserves (PoR). As the Stage 3 presale price of the TCRV utility token is at just $0.015, now is the right time to get into it before it explodes, as analysts predict a 50x jump during the presale, with a 100x spike at launch.

Learn more about Tradecurve and the TCRV token below:

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