Binance CEO and top leaders in Vietnam blockchain industry tried traditional coffee at Hanoi old quarter


Hanoi, Vietnam June 4th, Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the world’s leading trading platform Binance’s Founder & CEO, joined top names in the Vietnam blockchain industry in a traditional cafe on Nguyen Huu Huan Street, Hanoi, after the Vietnam NFT Summit 2022 event, hosted by Vietnam Blockchain Association and Binance.

He enjoyed the iconic Hanoi egg coffee made by Giang Cafe – a velvety combination of egg yolk, condensed milk, sugar, and hot coffee, loved by many Vietnamese. He also shared that he loves Pho (white rice noodle soup) on Twitter.

Mr. CZ and representatives from Vietnam Blockchain Association had an enthusiastic discussion about blockchain startups and the future of this emerging technology. Binance is also a startup with impressive growth as it became one of the top names for blockchain trading platforms. The rapid development of digital assets has attracted many non – blockchain enterprises into this field, and numerous blockchain solutions from different industries were launched in 2021.

However, Mr. CZ also mentioned that the most important thing is to give startups the support they need. Having many startups in the market will help blockchain and the economy grow. “Entrepreneurship should be encouraged. Every economy will benefit from having more companies joining.”

For him, what will happen soon is hard to predict, but he was optimistic that this industry would create a hit in the next ten years. Even for NFT (non-fungible token), knowing which NFT will be in the market or what people will use NFT for in the upcoming decade is difficult. “New things come with risks”, – he said as he affirmed that NFT is not a short-term trend.

The legal issue was the hottest theme when Mr. CZ came to Vietnam. It is also the center of what the Vietnam Blockchain Association is trying to achieve for communities. He shared that this was a broad issue with too many things to consider, such as digital assets, security, or wallets. Each country will have their own systems. Developed economies such as France, Italy, Germany, and Dubai had established a clear legal frame. Vietnam is a new market, so it is just the start, and CZ said Binance could help build an effective legal framework. With it, enterprises, users and investors will have a safer business environment.


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