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Billion dollar fintech Liquidity Group funds manufacturing unicorn Zetwerk, again

manufacturing unicorn Zetwerk

In an economic environment of beleaguered and struggling supply chains, Zetwerk built a wildly profitable B2B marketplace for custom manufacturing, growing 11,000% in two years and reaching unicorn status in less than three. 

The India-based unicorn will receive a $30 million infusion from Liquidity Group’s new Mars Unicorn Fund, to fuel its continued expansion. Zetwerk is growing so fast, this is the second $30 million investment from Liquidity Group in the past six months.

“Zetwerk is one of the strongest companies we’ve come across among the thousands of companies we’ve analyzed through our machine learning underwriting platform,” said Yaron Primovich, Managing Director of Mars Growth. “This additional funding was easy for us to approve swiftly at the company’s request, as we are monitoring the performance of our portfolio companies in real time through our platform. On a personal level, I’m happy to lead this deal from Liquidity and Mars’s side and build a long term win-win partnership with Zetwerk.”

Zetwerk’s special sauce is working with custom manufacturers and their customers seamlessly.  The company uses its technology to streamline industry supply chains and slash production and tooling costs, as well as time-to-market for more than 1,800 customers and 8,000 suppliers. The company offers solutions including automation, increased transparency and improved quality throughout the manufacturing process, as well as the capability to double production overnight regardless of product, specification, scale or geography.

“We are excited to deepen our partnership with the Liquidity Group,” said Amrit Acharya, Founder and CEO of Zetwerk Manufacturing Businesses.They have been extremely supportive growth partners for Zetwerk as we expand our presence internationally and continue our mission to make manufacturing more modern.” 

“Zetwerk is a strong company whose technology is revolutionizing supply chains and manufacturing,” said Liquidity’s Co-Founder and CEO Ron Daniel. “We’re pleased to fund their growth plans for a second time in the past six months as they continue to carve out their category in the value chain of parts manufacturing.”

Based in Tel Aviv, Liquidity Group is a global capital market credit automation company and fund manager that uses its proprietary artificial intelligence technology to manage more than $1.5 billion in assets in the US, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Liquidity’s strategy reflects the understanding that for high-growth startups, time is of the essence when it comes to financing expansion and hitting valuation benchmarks. 

In addition to providing scaled funding faster than anyone in the industry, Liquidity’s technology achieves a less than 1% default rate vs. the industry norm of 5%. Liquidity has partnered with MUFG on two joint venture funds with a total MUFG investment of $500 million.

Led by Daniel, Liquidity Group’s patented technology is revolutionizing the way funders evaluate fast-growing companies seeking capital. The Liquidity Analysis platform is vertical agnostic, which has allowed the company to fund companies involved in construction, infrastructure, trucking, financial services, education, recreation, and consumer goods. The platform works with unparalleled speed, going from application to term sheet in 72 hours.

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