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bill_line CEO Artsiom Liashanau speaks about how his company develops Partner Care principle in fintech

There are two types of companies: the ones that failed and the ones that succeeded. Success is more and more often about endurance and stable growth despite any crisis situations. But every company that wishes to retain the ability to develop in turbulent conditions, should be united by a common idea. This idea for Ukrainian fintech company bill_line is a Partner Care principle. This is a center, around which they work both  with partners and configure their internal communication. I’m bill_line CEO Artsiom Liashanau and I’m gonna tell more about this principle.

bill_line has been working on the payment market since 2019, mainly focusing on the domestic market and Eastern Europe. In summer 2022 my team formulated the partner care principle  while rebranding and updating its business strategy. The main reason for a change is similar to all Ukrainian business – Russian invasion. After first shock I’ve decided to concentrate our efforts  on EU and Middle East regions to sustain Ukrainian market and help to strengthen the economics.

During the strategic session, bill_line team was looking for a key difference from other payment service providers, which should become a driver of development. The decisive factor was the understanding of the bill_line’s core idea: a long-term partnership with brands, not only their quantitative involvement.

How can a small but ambitious startup work in a large market with high competition? We have to do  what no one has done before us. We bet on high quality service. Our goal is not to reduce the retention rate, but to increase the partner happiness rate. Not to look for ways to “keep” our partners with us, but to create conditions under which they will be happy to work with us.

This required the vast amount of everyday work and reorganization of processes during the evacuation of employees from the war. But it was worth it. Working with a large number of Western partners and established remote work processes helped us to pass 2022 not only without financial losses, but also to grow. Thanks to this, my company avoided layoffs, indexed salaries after the increase in the exchange rate, and the team itself increased by 10%.

bill_line have big expectations from our Partner Care program in 2023 – because high-quality and human centric service will always prevail on markets with many similar competitors.

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