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Bill Smith’s Hands-on Business Skills With Royal Cup Coffee

A picture of a coffee mug and coffee beans, like the coffee distributed by Royal Cup Coffee

Success is elusive. Most businesses fail due to lack of funds, poor management, ineffective planning, and marketing mishaps within a few years. Achieving longevity and stability is an impressive feat.

The rare few that survive the initial hurdles may dream of something bigger. However, not everyone can make the leap. Starting a small business is hard, but making it grow is even more challenging. It’s a different ball game altogether.

Many seek the guidance of experts to increase their chances of success. William Smith of Double Iron Consulting knows all about this thanks to his experience at Royal Cup Coffee.

The History of Royal Cup Coffee

The story of Royal Cup Coffee started way back in 1896. Henry T. Batterton began selling coffee using his horse-drawn wagon around Birmingham, Alabama.

His beverage had loyal patrons who deemed the product so flavorful that it was fit for royalty. Word spread about this “royal” cup of coffee until his business grew into the thriving Batterton Coffee Company.

It remained a local enterprise in the southern city until 1950, when William E. Smith offered to purchase it. The Smith family continues to own and operate the business today with its new name. It is now a major importer, roaster, and specialty coffee and tea distributor.

It has been more than 70 years since William Smith’s grandfather bought the business. He grew up with it, spending much of his time learning how it works and getting ready to take the lead.

William Smith was lucky enough to have a front-row seat watching his family manage Royal Cup Coffee. The experience allowed him to see all the company’s challenges and the solutions that kept it moving forward.

Eventually, he became one of its employees in various capacities. He spent his summers growing up, taking orders, roasting coffee, or managing product delivery routes as a student of the family’s business.

William Smith went through each level of the business. As it expanded, he took on more senior roles and responsibilities. He was tasked to grow sales in different territories and achieve company targets. His leadership skills became sharper.

He proved his value to the company with impressive milestones left and right. When the time came to draw up a succession plan, he was the clear choice to follow as the next president and CEO of Royal Cup Coffee. He earned these titles through his hard work and willingness to learn from the bottom up.

By the late 2010s, Royal Cup had completed a large-scale infrastructure project and launched a strategic branding initiative under the leadership of Bill Smith.

At the end of that decade, the family and the board of directors decided to hand over the reins of the business to a professional executive team tasked with leading the next phase of growth.

Helping Business Owners with Double Iron Consulting

With all these experiences under his belt, William Smith wanted to share his knowledge with other family business owners who dream of greater heights. He launched Double Iron Consulting as a vehicle for this mission.

The consulting firm’s name comes from William Smith’s hometown of Birmingham. The city has a long history that includes iron and steel production. It is also a reference to his lifelong commitment to fitness and adventure.

A picture of iron mending, the inspiration for Double Iron Consulting’s company name.

Like many CEOs, he takes his physical health seriously since it enables him to juggle multiple responsibilities without burning out. He dedicates himself to swimming, cycling, and running whenever he can. If he isn’t training, he often hikes and explores the outdoors.

This disciplined lifestyle carries over to business. Bill Smith knows how to reach significant goals through small structured steps that make the impossible possible.

While William Smith was born with opportunities to learn business leadership, his character and grit truly made him excel. Not everyone is willing to immerse themselves in all lines of work when they could spend their youth simply having fun. He did this and more until he was fit to lead the company.

Along the way, he also completed his MBA at the Emory University Goizueta Business School. It further prepared him for the challenges ahead. His education provided a solid theoretical foundation for his decision-making while managing the business. It opened new perspectives and possibilities.

It has been a long journey for the Royal Cup Coffee company from a small business into a global player in the beverage industry. It was more than a century’s worth of effort from countless individuals pushing the enterprise forward through its ups and downs.

William Smith’s grandfather was the first to handle it in their family. It was passed on to his father, his uncle, and eventually to him. His hands-on approach to learning made it a seamless transition.

He completed significant projects that improved Royal Coffee’s standing during his watch. It is now in a great position to accelerate growth even further.

William Smith knows that plenty of other families want to replicate what they did at Royal Cup Coffee. Small businesses are the backbone of the US, and many of them are fueled by fantastic dreams.

However, owners are unsure how to get from where they are to where they would like to be. Smith may be able to help thanks to his wealth of expertise.

He can identify the issues holding businesses back and propose solutions to address each of those issues. His new venture, Double Iron Consulting, allows him to connect with people who may benefit from his knowledge and trouble-shooting skills.

A strong drive is not enough to propel a business to the top. The intense competition, funding limitations, technical difficulties, and other obstacles can stop even the most determined individuals.

It is necessary to have a concrete plan that acknowledges the difficulties and provides a way to get through them. There are no shortcuts to success.

Through Double Iron Consulting, William Smith is offering proven guidance when making important business decisions and formulating a blueprint for growth. It helps avoid costly mistakes and hastens the attainment of vital milestones.

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