Press Release Lists Singapore-based Location Intelligence Lifestyle Platform SpaceTravel


Singapore, 18th May, 2020Global digital assets trading firm is pleased to announce that it has partnered Singapore-based SpaceTravel, an innovative platform integrating location intelligence into a lifestyle travel ecosystem.

The partnership begins with the listing of SpaceTravel’s MAC token on 25th May (15:00 GMT+8) on the Top 20 volume exchange. Promotional campaigns over the next 2 weeks include Telegram bounties, net buys with cashback as well as a 10% MAC HODL staking offer. To follow listing updates and details, please visit BiKi’s Official Twitter. Known for its strong crypto base in Asia, will provide huge visibility for the SpaceTravel project in the region.

Ethan Ng, CEO of BiKi Southeast Asia comments: “We are delighted to have SpaceTravel on board BiKi. “We see many use cases for the platform and SpaceTravel is demonstrably a project with immense potential. Already, a lot of crypto users have shown much excitement for the upcoming token listing.” 

Within 2 weeks of its website launch, the SpaceTravel project has attracted substantial social media interest, amassing thousands of followers on Telegram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. A list of its local and regional partners speak volumes – Singapore Land Authority, China’s UnionPay, Singapore Fintech Association, SGTech, Bali Tourism Promotion Board, Virtual Logistics, Zilliqa Blockchain Network, and IMO. 

CEO of SpaceTravel, Ping TH enthuses, “SpaceTravel is elated to be working with BiKi in this pivotal listing phase. Thanks to the partnership with BiKi, the BUBU Lifestyle App is able to reach and serve an even greater community upon its launch. The innovative, forward-thinking and dynamic nature of BiKi is highly synergistic with SpaceTravel, and we foresee ongoing support for SpaceTravel’s future product launches beyond the BUBU Lifestyle App.”

A Commercial Solution Utilizing Military-Grade Technology 

SpaceTravel has its origins in providing military-grade satellite and navigation technology to regional governments and private entities. Certainly not lacking in the location intelligence technology department, a “sneak peak” of SpaceTravel’s satellite navigations demonstrates its prowess, as can be seen on Singapore Land Authority’s OneMap (under Base Maps > Satellite). 

Space Travel strives to create a lifestyle ecosystem for the travel and tourism industry through its BUBU App. It utilizes its global navigation app that comprises  both outdoor and indoor mapping (which is rarely available), merchant ratings and discount coupons. Using AI and AR technologies, the BUBU app allows users to navigate the best curated destination deals. At the same time, users can also enjoy a gamified reward experience. Solving many pain points for Chinese tourists in particular, the BUBU app is integrated with Chinese social media platforms besides also offering UnionPay payment solutions.

A Tokenization Model of Utility, Exchangeability and Liquidity

SpaceTravel uses blockchain and cryptography to construct a payment infrastructure which enables seamless, cost-effective and quicker payments. As many businesses normally do not allow exchangeability for loyalty points, they often end up being wasted. However, BUBU assigns reward points that can be redeemed against MAC tokens, thereby providing a system which ensures utility, exchangeability and liquidity, through the MAC token being listed on exchanges. 

With the SpaceTravel ecosystem designed to be operationally self-sustainable and bringing in multiple revenue streams, the BUBU business model is one that hearkens to the future.

Stay Tuned

SpaceTravel presently has multiple initiatives lined up, some of which are:

  • a WeChat program designed in partnership with various tourism boards due to launch end May/early June
  • an operational expansion in Japan
  • a signing ceremony with UnionPay and Bali Tourism Promotion Board
  • discussions with tourism boards across APAC on how SpaceTravel and BUBU App can play a role in the revival of tourism and travel, especially critical during this COVID-19 induced economic downturn
  • a PS (Payment Services) Act license application with Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has currently also filed for a license under MAS, yet another aligning factor  between the two partners. Both are ardent supporters of a regulatory and compliance framework that serves to protect the interests of all their stakeholders.


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