Cryptocurrency Explains Why Interdependency Between Exchanges and Projects Is Crucial

29th July, Singapore, Southeast Asia CEO Ethan Ng spoke on the new role of exchanges in 2019 and emphasized the benefits of interdependency between projects and exchanges, At the CoinTime Summit 2019 held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on 25th-26th July, Ng insisted that, “There is no other way.”

Ng categorized as a fourth generation exchange, referring to exchanges that have emerged from the crypto winter by taking on new roles. These new roles include increasing the liquidity of project tokens as well as increasing the user base of project token holders. For that to happen, believes that fourth generation exchanges need to take on the roles of both exchange and marketer. Fortunately, the benefits are not one-sided as the exchange also gains from this mutually beneficial relationship.

On one end, has a strong Chinese user base and can function as a gateway for projects who want to tap into the Chinese markets. On the other end, the projects that have survived the crypto winter usually have a growing international presence and a loyal base of token holders who want liquidity. This works well for an exchange like BiKi who has global ambitions as an exchange.

Wearing both hats of being an exchange and a marketing agency, BiKi offers projects access to the exchange’s complimentary marketing services in China’s top cryptocurrency news site, In addition, BiKi also has a strong community of over 100,000 active Wechat audience members led by 1000 community partners. This helps its international projects penetrate the Chinese markets. It’s a win-win scenario as these projects listed on the exchange can also help BiKi create an international presence through cross-marketing initiatives as well as word-of-mouth promotion from their community of token holders. 

Ng emphasized that it is this collaborative relationship between projects and exchanges that allows fourth generation exchanges to flourish in the fast-paced cryptocurrency industry and gives them the opportunity to catch up to exchange giants like Binance and OKEx. 


Headquartered in Singapore, is a global cryptocurrency exchange that provides a digital assets platform for trading more than 100 cryptocurrencies and 220 trading pairs. Since beginning operations in June 2018, is considered one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges in the world with an accumulated 1.5 million registered users, 130,000 daily active users, and daily trading volumes of USDT 20 – 100 million. 

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