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Bikers are Mad for Iron on Patches by

Bikers are Mad for Iron on Patches by

Iron on patches by are creating a buzz, especially in the biker market. If you’re a biker, this article is a must-read for you., a small family business, has been providing quality embroidered patches to its customers since 2009. They are not a mega store, but they promise quality and timely delivery. 

What’s special about these iron on patches? offers a series of iron on patches specifically designed for bikers that are simply stunning. Amidst a sea of low-quality Chinese products, they offer extremely high-quality patches with incredibly good designs. One might assume that this would make their prices high, but surprisingly, they are extremely affordable. 

High-Quality Products

When it comes to iron-on patches, quality is of utmost importance. Bikers seek durable patches that can withstand the rigors of the open road and various weather conditions. understands this requirement and prides itself on offering high-quality patches. Their patches are made from premium materials, ensuring longevity and resilience. Whether it’s a traditional biker emblem, a witty slogan, or a custom design, bikers can count on to deliver patches that meet their expectations.

Vast Selection boasts an impressive array of iron-on patches that cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of bikers. From motorcycle club logos to American flag patches, humorous sayings to intricate skull designs, their collection has something for every rider. Whether bikers want to showcase their club affiliation or make a personal statement,’s extensive selection ensures there’s a patch to suit everyone’s unique style. This variety allows bikers to express their individuality and forge a sense of belonging within the biking community.

Some amazing products by them has been the talk of the town recently, especially in biker forums. Here are some of their most shared products:

  1. Bad Decisions Make Good Stories
  2. I Am Who I Am Your Approval Is Not Needed
  3. Give Respect Get Respect Iron on Morale Patch

More about the Brand is a limited liability company that started as a small family business. They are not a mega store like Amazon or eBay, but they promise quality and timely delivery. The customer service manager, Matt, has been with since 2012 and is now the General Manager. He knows everything they sell and is committed to keeping customers happy. 

Erhan, the founder of, started the company in 2009 and ran every aspect of the business until 2018. He has now passed on his responsibilities to Matt, who has done a tremendous job keeping customers satisfied. They believe the success of their business depends entirely on treating customers right to keep them coming back. specializes in Biker Patches and has been selling new patch designs for Bikers since 2007 by Ivamis Trading. Their main customers are Bikers and Vendors at Motorcycle Rallies. They carry well over a thousand patches, all of which are stocked in their warehouse in South Daytona, Florida. 

They stand behind their patches and work with a single manufacturer. They’ve been selling the same great quality Embroidered Patches since 2007. Their iron on backings use Japanese Glue, the only kind they know of that works properly. You can iron on their patches to Denim Jackets, or Sew them on to Leather. They are certain you’re going to be happy with your patches from them. If consistent good quality is what you are looking for, is here to supply you today!

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