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Bijouterie Diamantaire Celinni: How to Shop for Diamond Jewelry

How do you go about shopping for diamond jewelry? It can be unclear, especially if you don’t know much about the topic. Luckily, bijouterie diamantaire celinni has some tips to help you shop effectively. Keep reading to learn more about shopping for diamond jewelry like a pro!

A Brief History

The diamond jewelry industry is one of the most booming in France, mainly due to its many skilled artisans. To understand why bijouterie diamantaire celinni are a good investment when shopping for diamonds, it’s helpful to look at where they come from and how they’re valued. Unlike other precious stones like sapphires or rubies, diamonds have no intrinsic value—they only have value because we as humans put weight on them.

Choosing a Diamond

The first decision is choosing a diamond. For an engagement ring, your fiancée will want something stunning and something that matches her personality. Remember to buy what she likes and not just what you like (although it’s okay if you do too). Four C’s of buying diamonds are cut clarity, colour and carat. The cut of a diamond determines how sparkly it is and how much light shines through it. The more facets there are on the diamond, the more light it can capture and reflect. Most people prefer stones with 58 or fewer elements as they shine more than those with 59 or more facets. Clarity refers to how many inclusions there are inside the stone; they may not be visible to the naked eye but can still affect how it looks when held up against bright lights or sunlight. You should also check whether there’s a significant difference in colour between two diamonds before purchasing one over another. 

Clarity is determined by examining closely for any imperfections on the stone’s surface – scratches, minor fractures or any discolouration on its surface – which would detract from its appearance and might be worth looking at other options instead.

Choosing a Setting

You have a few decisions to make if you’re set on buying a diamond. The first is whether or not you want your ring(s) specified in gold or platinum; both will work fine with diamonds, but keep in mind that there are subtle differences in durability. Platinum, for example, isn’t susceptible to rusting or other damage from exposure to chemicals and salt (two things commonly found at restaurants and bars). Still, gold will tarnish if it isn’t regularly cleaned.

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