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Big Law Firms vs Small Law Firms – Which Is Best?

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When you need legal representation for your personal injury case, you’ll want to hire an attorney fast. But should you go with one from a big law firm or a small one? 

You may think that bigger is better, and for some things in life, it could be. But when it comes to personal injury cases, small law firms can offer multiple advantages. 

Whether you go for big or small, choose an Atlanta-based injury law firm to have someone local advocating for you. 

What to Know About Big Law Firms

Big law firms can have hundreds of lawyers, sometimes even thousands of them, on staff. They may have TV and radio ads all over the airwaves, plus billboards at the busiest intersections. 

Certainly, they can represent your case with plenty of resources to conduct investigations and hire expert witnesses. However, they often lack that personal touch that a smaller law firm is able to provide. Additionally, the size of any firm has very little bearing on the outcome of your case or the quality of representation. 

Benefits of Choosing an Attorney from a Small Law Firm

A small law firm is one that has 20 or fewer attorneys. You may worry that a small law firm doesn’t have what it takes to represent your case, but with these benefits, it may be the best option. 

Direct Attorney Access

With a small firm, you will likely have direct access to your lawyer. Bigger law firms often connect you with junior associates or paralegals. With direct access, you can have enhanced communication and be sure your needs are met. 

Quicker Results

A big law firm may have more resources, but a smaller one can put more focus on cases. Using a bigger firm means they have a bigger caseload and it will take them more time to prepare a case. While some cases will take longer than others regardless of firm size, small firms are generally able to turn things around faster. 

Strong Attorney-Client Relationships

At a big law firm, you may feel like a number. At a small one, you will feel more like part of the family. Client relationships are important at smaller firms, and you may find you get more personal attention from them. Building that relationship allows for better communication and a more in-depth understanding of your needs by the attorney. 

More Manageable Workload

With a more manageable workload, a smaller law firm can remember your name and treat you with dignity every time you enter the office. Large law firms with hundreds of clients are always buzzing like beehives. It’s not that they can’t do a good job, but if you want to feel valued and like someone is listening to you, you may feel more comfortable with a smaller law firm.

 Simply put, with a smaller law firm, you will likely find that your attorney has more time to truly advocate for your legal rights. You’ll also feel like someone is there for you throughout your entire case.

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