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Big Eyes Coin Hits $40M Milestone as Polygon Dips and Polkadot Set to Host Uniswap

The cryptocurrency industry has seen some incredible advancements in the past decade of its operation. However, the current atmosphere of the market is revealing major potential, with forward momentum pushing some projects in particular into the spotlight. These include Polygon (MATIC), Polkadot (DOT), and Big Eyes Coin (BIG).


When it comes to advancements, Polkadot is no exception. It has recently announced that it will be hosting the renowned exchange Uniswap on its platform which will bring about a variety of benefits for both the users and the platforms. Polygon, despite starting the year well, has seen a slight downtrend in its valuation, but some are optimistic about an AI upgrade that could drive the price up. And Big Eyes Coin? Well, you’ll just have to keep on reading to find out about that.





Polygon Dip: Can New Upgrade Turn the Tide?


Polygon, one of the leading layer-2 blockchain solutions, has experienced a dip in its price due to the recent silence on any major developments within its ecosystem. A blockchain known for its innovative activities, Polygon seems to experiencing some dormancy which has caused the value to drip more than 2% in the last week, however, there is hope for a recovery.


Avorak AI, a blockchain providing AI solutions to blockchain operations and crypto trading, could help Polygon by curving the dip. It can leverage advanced AI research to create a larger, interconnected blockchain network that could renew investors’ interests.


This will advance Polygon’s problem-solving and open up new opportunities. Additionally, this could potentially initiate new cross-chain connections with other platforms and stir a new demand for the network, thus increasing the price.





Polkadot Prepares For Uniswap





Polkadot is widely considered to be a next-generation blockchain because of its innovative activities and dedication to trying to resolve the current limitations of blockchains. The main reason for Polkadot’s popularity is its ability to offer users the trifecta of blockchain efficiency; decentralization, speed, and security. This is something not afforded by all cryptocurrency projects, making Polkadot particularly alluring.


To add to this ecosystem, Polkadot will now be adding Uniswap to its roster. Deployed by one of its parachains, Moonbeam, it will provide high performance, scalability, security, and interoperability which will increase the efficiency and overall experience of the exchange.

Polkadot anticipates low liquidity in the beginning but is in the process of securing a grant that will increase the conditions of the collaboration.


Big Eyes Coin Hits $40M and Preps For Launch





Meme coins have caused a massive market stir in the past few months. However, few have had quite the impact – or success – that Big Eyes Coin has had. Gathering a strong network and over $8 million within its first month, its growth can be attributed to the potential that many have seen in the project.


Big Eyes Coin has reached an incredible milestone of raising over $40 million, and is nearly at its home run goal of $50 million. With only a few weeks left in the presale, investors have a limited time to get involved during this lucrative project phase.


Big Eyes Coin plans to continue its incredible reward systems even after the launch by releasing many Play-To-Earn (P2E) games and over 4 000 casino games that all payout in $BIG. These tokens can then be used in various spaces within the platform to maintain its liquidy and keep the investor engaged.


Only a few weeks left to join the Kitty Crew! Get Your $BIG tokens today and await your fun!





In conclusion, the crypto market is evolving beyond what anyone could have imagined, and has surpassed many development milestones since its inception. As it continues to evolve, innovation will be crucial for the survival of many projects, with key to be on point with industry standards.


As learned by the platforms listed above, is to think ahead and provide brilliant solutions to solve tomorrow’s problems, as it is this that brings projects to success.



Big Eyes Coin (BIG)




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