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Big Data: How to Handle Huge list of Outbound Sales Calls

Making outbound sales calls are essential for the sustainability of both smaller and bigger call centers. You may found Individuals continue saying cool calling is dead, yet numerous fruitful organizations depend on frosty calling to drive income. To tell the truth, you may not get the same positive response from it as in the past, but it is not dead as well! Regardless of whether they’re top organizations or new companies, they all need to have smart call center representatives making calls during the shift to get the clients!

The mystery of making sales is not a simple one; in fact, it involves a number of factors. According to Mobius Poll, 84% of customers are frustrated when a representative doesn’t have immediate access to account information”.

Discover the top ideas to effective outbound calling by reading below;

Is the sales script necessary?

It’s a big yes! Either from the call center agents’ perspective or the team leader, there is no replacement for this simple piece of paper. It minimizes the chances of your agents becoming confused during the calling process. In addition to it, it keeps the call on track and providing them a roadmap to make a sale. Specifically for the new agents, it acts as a guide assisting them and helping them achieve their sales objectives.

  • Discover the agents or the persons in the call center who must be given the responsibility of preparing a sales script.
  • Download free word or excel templates available out there online on various platforms to prepare a fruitful and smart template. Share it along with the top management and the team members in a single click.
  • A sales script is not all about adding the complex information. Simplicity and clarity are always better to follow. Check out some of the tips for preparing best cold calling script to prepare it right!

Focus on your customer and just on him!

Why is this so important? Outbound calling strategies include listening to the customers. usually, there is a high pressure on the call center agents and they have to remain stable throughout the shift. Moreover there can be a distraction from the co-members, however concentrating on your consumer means, you are actually providing them with the quality of service, they are expecting from you.

This can be judged from a saying of, McKinsey, 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customers feel they are being treated.”

  • If you will focus on the client, you are able to identify the problem and the solution quickly. The probability of sale is more.
  • Spotlighting on various areas may result in asking the same question from the client again and again and increasing his frustration level. To avoid such an experience listen to your customer.
  • As a call center manager, you must tell your team members, that once they are on the call, it is most important form them.

Customer don’t want to talk with Robot

Keys to being a successful salesperson include using the sales script in a natural way. Handling over the sales scripts, the training, and the formal coaching is always part of the call center program. However, it must be clearly understood by the representatives, that it is better to act In a natural way rather than trying to be a robot. A customer like to mention what he is feeling and looking for to a person, not to the robot. A sales tone or artificial tone, may not be welcomed and appreciated by the customer, resulting in immediate call cut!

  • There is a thin line of difference between remaining professional and acting like a robot. Is this well clear to your team members?
  • Update your sales script by adding positive impressions, welcoming and goodbye greetings and use of other techniques to make the calls friendly!
  • Do train your agents about it!

Are you ready for the next call?

pre-call planning sales calls is an amazing idea. If you are working as a call center representative, you may go through most frustrating and negative calls of the days, keeping you under stress for the hours. In addition to it, it may result in lowering your productivity level for the day. A cold call often goes wrong and this must be well known to your agents! Tell your agents to get ready for the next call before they are on call.

According to Coztel, “customer satisfaction is considered the most important call center metric by more than 60% of customer service managers.”

  • Take a minute break before getting on to another call. Appreciate this practice when a negative cold calling call is handling by your team members!
  • Everybody helps appreciation. Your appreciation at the end of the call can bring new passion and enthusiasm in your team members for the calling!
  • Do share your worst experience in the training program to earn the confidence and trust of your team.

Keep in touch with your consumers

If you are able to develop an emotional connection with the client, there are chances of getting the more sales from him In the future. However, a simple approach to cold call tips includes, keeping in touch with the consumer. Sending the email form, chatting with him from any of the online channels, giving a feedback call are always successful approaches for it!

  • If you are simply leaving out your customer, this means there are chances that your competitor is able to get him.
  • A consumer always appreciates it if you are giving him regular calls to ask him about the service quality and how you can improve it further.
  • Do let your call center agents know how they are able to remain in touch with the customers and be pleased with this practice for your organization success!

Final thoughts

Usually, when a customer is making a call to you, he has carried out his initial research and examination about the product or service. They may have a smart thought about what to purchase and why? Is the data really correct and relevant? Call center agents duty is not only to make the customer satisfied, in fact also to ensure he is making a purchase from you. Go through the above post to get the top ideas about doubling the sales for your call center!

Author Bio:

Abdul has spent his career developing high-performance organizations. He is working as a chief marketing officer for a leading call center software company Coztel. As both a marketing executive, Abdul has created and executed numerous programs that build market awareness, drive lead generation and increase revenue.



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