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Due to significant advancements on the technological front that have occurred in the past couple of decades, the world which we live in has now become agile and fast-paced to an unparalleled degree. And nowhere is this change more glaringly visible than in the world of data management, which is evolving at breakneck speed.

With data being generated rapidly in such vast quantities, it is important that we understand its properties and functions, and how it can sometimes turn into an obstacle rather than a tool, if handled unwisely.

To that effect, today we will be discussing Big Data, and the various challenges that it poses to business enterprises.

Big Data Storage

As suggested by its name, the greatest challenge businesses run into when handling Big Data is storage. This type of data is too vast and unstructured to be stored in legacy systems or traditional databases, and companies frequently struggle with finding the right infrastructure where the data can be stored in a manner that allows ease of accessibility and analyzation.

Big Data Growth Issues

The next most pressing challenge has to do with data growth. Even if companies find a way to somehow store all of their Big Data, the hurdle they then have to overcome is finding a way to accommodate that data’s rapid expansion. Since Big Data grows exponentially with time, its handling requirements also become increasingly difficult as time passes.

Furthermore, since most of the data is unstructured and originates from audio, video or text files, this means you cannot pinpoint its location within the database. For data analytics departments, a situation like this is a nightmare; an inability to analyze data stagnates a business’s growth and halts any further development until the issue is fully resolved.

Liquid Technologies is a consultant at Snowflake Stack, where it offers businesses clean, filtered datasets that can be immediately put to use for drawing meaningful, productive insights, and that eliminate any and all data storage issues that companies might be facing.

Uncertainty about Big Data Tool Selection

In the world of data, selecting the right tool is crucial if you want to generate useful insights that will drive better decision making. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done when it comes to Big Data. Finding the right   Data Science Consulting tool to use for their Big Data takes up a substantial portion of a company’s time. There is a lot of uncertainty on many different fronts: is Cassandra or HBase better for data storage? Will MapReduce or Hadoop be sufficient for analytics purposes, or should Spark be chosen instead?

These are all questions that need to be thoroughly explored and answered, as choosing the wrong tool causes an invaluable loss of time, money and other resources. And sometimes, even after a thorough deliberation, companies still end up making the wrong decision, which causes demoralization on top of other losses that are incurred.

For companies that are unsure about which tool to use, enlisting the help of a consultant expert is the best option because it helps in avoiding the loss of all the time and resources that will be spent to arrive at a decision that could still turn out to be the wrong one.

Liquid Technologies is partnered with leading cloud providers who are offering the latest, most effective data analytics tools, along with the guidance and instruction that will help firms to figure out which tool will suit them the best.

Lack of Big Data Professionals

The decision about how to handle Big Data, and which tools to select for its storage and analyzation cannot be taken by just anyone. There needs to be a dedicated Big Data consulting expert present in the company to handle such matters.

People with this kind of expertise are quite scarce in the market, unfortunately. Although Big Data handling tools are evolving rapidly as time progresses, the supply of individuals who are adept enough to handle these technologies is still meager. Due to this, companies struggle significantly in finding the right people to handle their Big Data needs.

Al Liquid Technologies, we have the most skilled and qualified in class consultants who, through their many years of experience, have achieved a high degree of proficiency in helping businesses to manage and utilize their Big Data in a way that empowers decision-making and leads to success on all fronts. For companies that are struggling to manage enormous quantities of haphazardly arranged information, our experts at Liquid Technology can turn that burden into their greatest asset.

Securing Big Data

Because Big Data is so huge and complex and unstructured, it inevitable brings with it a whole host of alarming security issues every time it enters a business’s infrastructure. And to make matters much worse, oftentimes companies get so involved in formatting, storing and analyzing their Big Data that they entirely neglect setting up the appropriate data safeguards. As a result, Big Data often turns into a hive infested with malicious hackers, who can create tremendous losses for businesses if not dealt with in a timely manner.

Integration Problems of Big Data

Big Data originates from a diverse array of sources, such as ERP Applications, Customer logs, Financial reports and Social Media Pages, to name a few. Assimilating all of the data from these different sources into a cohesive form so that reports can be made is a task that is tiring and involves untold amounts of drudgery. To avoid this hassle, companies often try to avoid doing this as much as they can, which inevitably causes them to fall further behind.


In summary, we can say that Big Data is a potential goldmine of valuable information that is hidden beneath rubble. And by hiring the right Data Consulting Experts, businesses can sift through all of that redundant information, and finally gain a chance to access the treasure that lies waiting underneath.










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