Bidooh: The Digital Billboard Advertising Powered By Blockchain

With digital billboard advertising currently worth USD 34.8 billion and estimated growth to USD 45.46 billion in 2021, the industry is growing at a phenomenal rate. This is one the highest in the traditional advertising market.

Issues In The Current Billboard Market

One the oldest advertising methods, outdoor advertising is present everywhere, from hotels to airports, on the side of buses and trains to roads. It is still considered as the most impactful method of getting the word out to the people.

The current billboard market is laced with issues that fails to capitalize on its true potential:

  • Traditional Networking: The advertising industry operates by relationships, where they constantly need to keep in touch with boards and sign holding agencies to know of available spaces and negotiate rents. This makes the booking process slow and cumbersome.
  • Intermediaries: When an organization approves an advertising agency, a long process starts where the agency contacts sub-contractors, who in turn go to publishers and finally then the billboard owners or contractors. At each stage, a commission is made which is passed back up to the advertising company.
  • Slow To Deploy: With many of the operations being handled manually, the industry is slow to react to changes. The adverts also require time to print, deploy or remove.
  • Transparency: Based on “footfall” figures, the billboard advertising outreach system is outdated and manipulated by advertising agencies and contractors. The advertiser does not have a clear idea if its money is being well spent or even worth the effort.
  • Advertising Space: If a few advertisers have already displays up in prime locations, others cannot until the former has them taken down, creating  occupancy issues and difficulties for other advertisers to show case their service or products.

Bidooh, Changing The Market

It’s like Google Adwords for the digital billboard world.

Bidooh is a blockchain based digital board advertising platform that is taking billboards to the digital level. It uses its own digital screens to display ads instead of traditional boards on which ads are pasted or hung.

This creates a huge opportunity to organizations looking for cheap and effective ways to advertise themselves. Using digital screens, Bidooh does not require simple billboards to put up ads. Using these screens, advertisers can select locations and put up their ads quickly. The screens can simply cycle through the ads, letting multiple companies display their services or products to potential market in the same location.

Digital signboard advertising, though not new, gains a lot of offerings through the blockchain platform that others do not provide:

  • Easy Access: The Bidooh platform can be accessed by anyone through the website portal or their application, enabling ease of access to the advertising market.
  • Elimination of Intermediaries: With the power of blockchain, there are no intermediaries such as sub-contractors and advertisers can have their ads published directly to the target audience.
  • Flexible Advertising: Advertisers can use the portal or the mobile application to select the location, time, budget from the convenience of their offices and the platform handles the rest.
  • Instant Publishing: With just a few steps, advertisers can have their ads up and running in their preferred locations.
  • Online: With all the screens connected to the Bidooh network, ads can be instantly updated, changed or relocated by the advertiser, allowing for immediate deployment to the ever changing demographic and market.
  • Delivery: With flexibility and real time reporting, advertisers are assured that their ads are being viewed by the correct target market for maximum delivery and efficiency.
  • Set Top Boxes: Bidooh boxes can be connected to any screen through HDMI port and it is instantly connected to the network, allowing for any screen owner to start an advertising business with the network.

Advertising with DOOH

DOOH is the native, Ethereum based token that will be used on the network for transactional purposes. Each token represents a 10-second time frame on the digital screens. Advertisers will use the token to pay for advertising space, users on the platform will get rewarded for vetting the quality of the ad, add viewers will get tokens for viewing ads and interacting with it, freelancers can earn from developing ads on the network and token holders can use them on selected retailers.

The public pre-sale is live for the token on the Bidooh platform right now. 2000 DOOH can be bought for USD 1. The pre-sale carries a 14% bonus on the tokens. There will be a total of 126 billion DOOH ever created, meaning with demand rising and limited supply, the value of the token will go up over time. The token sale has a soft cap of USD 5 million with a hard cap of USD 25 million. Investors can take part in the sale by investing BTC, ETCH, LTC, BCH and Stellar Lumens.

Investing in Crypto startups carry risks. Do your own research before committing any monetary fund. Only invest an amount you are willing to loose.

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