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Bidooh: Making Digital Billboard Advertising Globally Accessible

The digital advertising market is currently one of the biggest industries in the world and Billboard advertising is still considered one of the best ways to advertise at the moment. You will see these billboards scattered all over airports, train stations, recreational centers, and shopping centers. Although being one of the most successful, there are still certain challenges that have hindered the growth of this industry. Some of these challenges include;

1) Lack of transparency; ordinarily, advertising is based on footfall figures which are sampled and have made it more difficult to authenticate. They often times rely on the “person counting” system which is often times inaccurate and out of date. These systems are not designed to show the proportion of the passers, the gender, nor age etc.

2) Advertising occupancy; this clearly means that there are not enough advertisers to fill the space on the screen. While there are so many reasons for this occurrence, the most popular of them is lengthy and expensive contracts.

3) It is slow to deploy; you will agree that speed is of the essence in the advertising industry, with this in mind, businesses need to respond faster to the needs of the market. The slow market structure of the industry makes it difficult for advertisers seeking to respond quickly to the needs of the changing market.

The Bidooh Platform As A Solution

To solve the problems facing the billboard advertising industry, there is a need for a platform that would be able to incorporate certain amazing features to help solve some of the problems. The Bidooh Platform is that platform, it is an end to end solution that was designed to make the digital advertising world simple and accessible.

The platform is designed in such a way that users can download this application, and quickly create an advert for their post, select a location, set a budget for the advert, and then click on the publish button. After the advert is published, the advert is sent to a lightning-fast mechanism, and then the advert created is sent to the selected screen in real time.

The Bidooh Platform has been described by most people as the “Google AdWords for the billboard advert world”. The platform can easily be installed and used on any screen, users who already have screens will have to plug in the Bidooh boxes. With this, all advert creators will simply have to publish their adverts on the screen within few seconds of joining.

Core Features Of The Bidooh Platform

Some of the main features of the Bidooh platform includes;

1) It is made accessible; the main aim of this platform is to ensure that small businesses and advert creators are able to easily create and upload their adverts. It understands that it is difficult for small and medium businesses to gain access to digital billboards, so it seeks to offer them a level playing ground.

2) It is online; the Bidooh platform has been designed to ensure that business owners from anywhere in the world are able to access the platform.

3) Solving all advert delivery problems.

The blockchain technology keeps making inroads into industries that are well beyond the usual digital currencies from where it began. Bidooh with its all-new approach is set to reinvent advertising as an industry, all thanks to the amazing versatility of the blockchain technology.

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