BGX: A Blockchain Solution for Gaming

BGX.AI is an innovative cryptocurrency based processing platform for mobile games. It is a decentralized Blockchain solution that is powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Users of the platform cut across various sections of the gaming industry, including the game developers, the gamers, third-party app stores and so on.

The system has three main components namely:

  • Nodes – These support and facilitate the main functionality of the platform.
  • BGXWallet – A virtual wallet built-in support for the BGX tokens and fiat currency as well.
  • SDK – A specialized component included in the games.

The core Functionalities of BGX

The architectural model of BGX constitutes a multifunctional platform built on Ethereum Blockchain technology and advanced AI neural networks. The system is decentralized and will provide numerous functions pertaining to gaming such as:

  1. A market for games and apps. Files are stored with the distributed hash table (DHT) technology.
  2. Evaluation and conversion of game revenue into real-world money in any format.
  3. A platform for cryptocurrency exchange.
  4. A virtual wallet (e-wallet).
  5. Tools for monetization, game development and processing.
  6. Advertising and support of elements of modern gaming such as various gamemode tournaments, functions of augmented reality and sales of in-game products.
  7. A native AI engine for more secure verification of user tournaments.

BGX.AI Tokens

The BGX platform operates on a dual token system, comprising of two utility tokens: BGX Token and BGT Coin. The BGX will be presented during the platform’s TGE. This token gives interested participants membership status. Token holders have the advantage of sharing the revenue drawn from BGX. 60% of BGX revenue is distributed among the BGX Token holders according to the number of tokens held. The BGX token is the main driver of the project and implements the platform’s functions. The BGX Token can be exchanged for the BGT Coin.

The BGT Coin is the method of payment. It is a white label token. This means that it can be customized as personal currency by the game or app market developers to use as for in-app and app purchases, hosting tournaments and other game incentives.

Join the BGX ICO

The currencies to be accepted in the token generation event are ETH, LTC, BTC and Fiat (Credit card/Wire Transfer). The Pre-Sale date is set for April 24th to May 15th, 2018. The Sale dates are May 22nd to June 19th, 2018. The nominal price of 1 BGX is $0.10 USD.

Click here to join the token sale.

A Professional Team and advisory board

The team is made up of professionals in diverse fields of commerce, management, and business. The founders of the BGX project are: Costa Zakharov, Igor Mishenev, and Valery Khvatov. The advisory board is headed by Roberto Medrano.

What are the Benefits of BGX?

Users of this platform will have access to built-in support for their games. Since it will be a global ecosystem, the game developers will also be able to distribute their products to millions of players. The players can integrate their game progress with BGX and earn from the system. Tokens and earnings from games can be exchanged and converted into real money. The platform is fast, secure and encrypted.

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