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Bezzie Reviews: dog food delivery near me


Who comes to mind first when you hear the phrase “best friend”? Many people’s best friend is their closest and most trusted buddy, however, for a small percentage of the population, their greatest friend may be a furry companion. In the same manner that the former group is concerned about the health and well-being of their human companion, the latter group is certain to show their affection for their pets.

The fundamental distinction is that pets frequently provide signals about what they like and dislike, but these hints can be easily ignored. What can be done to actively guarantee that our beloved companions get the nutrition they require without disturbing them or causing setbacks? The purpose of this review is to introduce the dog’s favorite, Bezzie. Get An Exclusive Discount on Bezzie Dog Food Delivery

What is Bezzie?

Bezzie (informally British for “best buddy”) is a tailored meal plan service that promotes nutrition for canine health. Our canine companions, like us, deserve delicious and healthy meals. Many people are fussy eaters, and knowing that pet owners can now create meal plans with their pets in mind makes the process much easier. What the creators have to say about bezzies:

“Bezzies have distinct appetites for breakfast, lunch, and supper, every bezzie should look forward to their fantasy bowl. Thankfully, dietary ruts are no longer a reality. Do you prefer chicken livers over beef livers? Do you prefer crispy salmon? Grain-free for a while? Bezzies, the world is your oyster. Dig in.” Normally, pet owners are the stars of the program, but the bezzie team believes that the stars are the pets themselves. Before we get into the specifics of this service, let’s take a short look at how it works. Order Personalized Dog Food For Your Dog Today

How does Bezzie work?

Pet owners are given a step-by-step procedure for creating feeding programs for their dogs. Here’s a basic rundown of the procedure:

Step 1: About the Bezzie

First, the team must be informed about a pet’s life, including their interests, preferred scents, and, of course, the fundamentals. The latter comprises age, weight, and activity level, all of which are important in developing the optimum meal plan.

Step 2: Personalize the Plan

Pet owners can select Nosh, Bites, or a mix of the two during the personalization process. Nosh is defined as a full meal made up of nourishing meat and veggies of human-grade quality. On the other side, we have a high-quality version of regular kibble known as Bites. These are said to be great for the crunch-obsessed bezzie, the nutrient-deficient bezzie, or even bezzies with specific allergies.

Each Bite and Nosh includes a key component description, full ingredient list, and nutritional information (by moisture content and macronutrients). Noshes are made up of fresh food, whereas bites are made out of dry food. Ingredients include the following:

  • Lil Bites Salmon: Salmon, Lentils and Peas, and a Blend of Fruits and Vegetables
  • Lil Bites Lamb: Lamb, Lentils and Peas, and a Blend of Fruits and Vegetables
  • Lil Bites Chicken: Chicken, Lentils and Peas, and a Blend of Fruits and Vegetables
  • Chicken Nosh: Cage-free Chicken, peas, and Carrots
  • Beef Nosh: Beef, Spinach, and Sweet Potato

Step 3: The Trial Box

After making their selections, pet owners can sign up for the two-week trial to evaluate how their pets react to the food. Each trial box should include 6 bags of Nosh and 2 bags of Bites, for a total of $8.85 each week (or $17.70 overall). Full subscriptions will be enabled automatically once the two-week trial period concludes. Individuals may, thankfully, suspend, alter, or cancel their memberships at any time.

Step 4: Modify as required

If one finds the meals monotonous, pet owners could attempt changing things up from time to time. As previously stated, the subscription can be interrupted and restored at a later time, or the protein of choice can be changed.


Several aspects make this product an appealing alternative. We were largely captivated by the following after analyzing everything the team has to offer:

Unique plans

The resulting food plans are reported to be as individualized as possible, thanks to the assistance of veterinarians. By taking into account daily requirements based on the dog’s age, size, and activity level. The team suggests feeding two meals every day, dividing the calories need into two different meals. Pet owners are encouraged to monitor incidents of weight gain or loss and change their diet regimens as needed.

Ingredients of High Quality and Health

All meals are prepared with authentic ingredients such as cage-free chicken, wild-caught fish, sweet potatoes, and bok choy. This team has avoided the use of artificial and natural flavorings, maize, soy, and GMOs. Grain-free choices (i.e., simpler to digest alternative carbs) are also available for pets who are sensitive to grains.

Lowers the carbon footprint

All of their food is made in North America in USDA-approved kitchens and packaged in recyclable BPA-free Tetra Pak boxes. Tetra Pak boxes were chosen to assist lower its carbon footprint.


The pricing depends on the size of a dog’s appetite. Precisely, the team has devised 3 price points as seen below:

  • Small (up to 10lbs): $9.52 per week (or $1.36 per day)
  • Medium (11lbs to 40lbs): $20.71 per week (or $2.96 per day)
  • Large (41lbs to 70lbs): $30.60 per week (or $4.37 per day)

Final Verdict

Ultimately, it provides a tailored food plan delivery service with the most diversity for our dog bezzies’ demands. Whether pet owners opt for a meal or kibbles (or both), they are all made of real food, which is high in the essential nutrients that dogs require for a healthy immune system, digestive system, gut function, and coat. This is a rare occurrence that should be celebrated. Finally, the product represents convenience, quality, a lower carbon footprint, and physician advice. Visit Official Bezzie Website Here

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