Beyond Traditional Trading: Unpacking Walbi’s AI-Infused Crypto Trading Solution


In the high-stakes world of financial trading, whether it’s crypto, stocks, or forex, success is often elusive. Recent studies have painted the stark reality that an overwhelming majority of traders incur losses, with only a minuscule proportion emerging profitable. An analysis of eToro trades shows that 80% of day traders have been in the negative for over a year. Another major study this year revealed that 64% of US traders lose money annually, and only 3% of global traders make consistent profits.

What’s causing this massive trend of financial loss comes down to ineffective decisions. High-pressure trading environments often coax traders into reactive decisions and risky strategies, giving rise to costly errors. With the shortcomings of human judgment exposed, it’s no surprise that machines and algorithms are taking center stage.

Artificial intelligence, heralded as the game-changer is now poised to redefine trading, promising a lifeline to struggling industry professionals. Leading the charge is Walbi, a pioneer in developing an AI-powered platform designed specifically to give crypto traders the upper hand in the complex digital assets sector.

AI Revolutionizing Finance

AI development has accelerated in recent years, so much so that it’s becoming a dominant force, disrupting conventional processes across various sectors. One such breakthrough is generative AI — a technology that has successfully tackled tasks once considered beyond the realm of algorithms, including content creation and artistic endeavors.

This wave of AI adoption is now making significant inroads in the financial industry. One example is Robo-advisors — digital solutions that provide automated, algorithm-driven financial planning and investment services with little to no human supervision. Underpinned by AI, these advanced platforms are projected to manage assets worth over $2 trillion by 2027, indicating the technology’s transformative power. However, it’s not just traditional trading sectors feeling the impact; emerging platforms are leveraging AI capabilities to enhance traders’ performance in more volatile avenues like crypto and DeFi.

AI’s intrinsic ability to process data at speeds far exceeding human capability is an attractive asset for any financial market. It negates the need for time-consuming data analysis and trend prediction, swiftly recognizing patterns and providing invaluable insights to traders. Its prowess extends to real-time market analysis, detecting shifts and fraudulent activities, and facilitating low-level trading decisions. With AI, traders can make prompt, informed decisions, which gives them a critical edge in the fast-paced world of trading.

Taking this revolution forward is Walbi which incorporates all of these advanced benefits of AI in a single platform. The project plans to launch its minimum viable product (MVP) in June 2023, marking a significant step towards AI-driven trading.

Walbi’s AI-Driven Fintech Innovation

Walbi is developing a cutting-edge hybrid decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that combines a robust crypto exchange, a secure non-custodial Web3 wallet, and an AI tool suite designed to supercharge the decision-making process of traders.

At the heart of Walbi’s offerings is the Walbi Exchange: a unique crypto trading platform that offers up to 500 times leverage for futures traders, with no mandatory KYC requirement. The platform’s AI tools help manage liquidity, optimize the order book, forecast digital asset demand, and swiftly identify malicious activities such as wash-trading and spoofing.

However, Walbi’s offerings extend beyond its exchange and introduce a range of powerful trading solutions.

  • Walbi Lighthouse: An AI-empowered trading assistant that performs research, analyzes real-time financial data, and offers personalized trading advice, enabling traders to make informed decisions.
  • Walbi Earn: A platform that provides an opportunity to stake crypto assets, earn interest without locking periods, and receive weekly payouts.
  • Walbi Cloud Miner: An accessible cloud mining solution that allows users to mine Bitcoin without investing in expensive hardware.
  • Walbi Wallet: A decentralized, non-custodial Web3 wallet lets users retain full control over their funds.

The Anticipated Launch of the MVP

Currently in the closed alpha stage, Walbi is gearing up for MVP launch. This milestone event will propel the platform’s growth by adding numerous features and functions, including:

  • Integration with WalletConnect
  • Facilitation of digital asset transactions
  • Provisions for margin trading
  • AI-powered trading insights via Walbi Lighthouse
  • Introduction of the Walbi Waves invite system

Beyond that, Walbi’s roadmap is packed with promising future updates, set to roll out between Q3-Q4 2023 and 2024. These updates include the full launch of WalletConnect integration and margin trading, the unveiling of NFTs and token swaps, the complete availability of Walbi Waves and Cloud Mining, and the debut of Walbi Earn’s portfolio tools and the Walbi Wallet.

Taking Crypto Trading to the Next Level

AI’s potential to significantly enhance trading performance is not just theory—it’s soon to become a reality with platforms like Walbi. By leveraging the capabilities of AI, Walbi aims to streamline trading, making it more efficient, secure, and profitable for traders.

Walbi represents a new wave of fintech solutions that use AI to enable crypto traders to make well-informed, data-driven decisions. It is set to change the crypto trading landscape, offering tools and solutions that could enhance long-term profitability.

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