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Getting a great deal on anything is usually a win for shoppers, which is why Black Friday has become an annual frenzy. But heavily discounted or “cheap” prices can sometimes indicate a defective or poor quality product, which can really ruin a great price gain. This is especially true of inexpensive massage chairs, a fact that massage chair buyers should be aware of. There’s no point taking home a $ 200 massage chair just to end up with back pain! Here is your guide to avoiding the cheap massage chair. What is a cheap massage chair?

A chair that can provide a quality massage in the comfort of your own home is a product worth investing in. A high-quality standard massage chair can cost anywhere from $ 1,500 to more than $ 12,000. Although many trusted massage chair brands sell products priced around $ 1,500, anyone serious about investing in their long-term health and wellness should spend around $ 3,000.

Cheap massage chairs, on the other hand, can usually be identified by price tags ranging from hundreds to hundreds before discounts are applied. A price between $ 200 (or less) and $ 600 could indicate unreliable parts, poor construction, poor or non-existent customer service, inhumane working conditions at the factory, or a number of other negative factors. Inexpensive massage chairs, while they may seem like a bargain, can end up costing more to the long-term budget-conscious buyer.

Massage chairs are a huge e-commerce item, which means products aren’t always available to try before you buy. Whether you’re shopping on sight or have access to a massage chair showroom, here’s a list of questions you can ask to help you determine if a low price is too good to be true.

First: Does the chair cost less than $ 1,000? 

There are quality models that cost less, but anything under $ 1,000 should spark some questions or further investigation.

  • Does the chair offer a 2D, 3D or 4D massage mechanism? Or is its variability unknown?
  • How many premium features does it include? For instance. zero gravity, heat therapy, smart body scan, etc. How many massage programs do you have? Are the programs customizable?
  • Does the mechanism creak or sound clumsy?
  • Is the upholstery well sewn and made of high quality genuine leather or synthetic?
  • Do the rollers feel too stiff? How adjustable is the headrest or footrest (if supplied with one)?
  • Is customer service friendly and easily accessible?
  • What is the warranty / return policy?

If you have a less than satisfactory answer to any of these questions, the price may not be worth the risk to your wallet or comfort.

Massage chair price tags: what do you get for the price? 

A higher price often indicates higher quality, but sometimes that doesn’t help convince the thrifty customer to buy. Considering that the average buyer of a massage chair is looking for a solution that is affordable, relaxing and beneficial for long-term health, it is useful to analyze some of the cost factors which, while they may increase the price, greatly improve the massage experience Username: 

Body Scanner – This technology includes an internal mechanism that will detect the unique pressure points on your body and adjust the rollers accordingly.

Foot Massagers / Reflexology: Rollers on the footrest and along the soles of the feet target pressure points that bring relief to other parts of the body.

Genuine / High Quality Synthetic Leather: Well-maintained and expertly stitched real or synthetic leather can provide a butter-smooth tactile experience for years and requires minimal repairs (if any).

Hand Massagers: Soft rollers and inflatable air cells in the armrests are great for treating arthritis symptoms. Heat Therapy: Infrared heat helps relax tense muscles, which can lead to more effective massage.

Leg Massagers: The designated rollers along the legrest target the knees, calves, and thighs.

Speakers / Sound Therapy: Often Bluetooth enabled, they allow you to relax with your music, audiobooks or podcasts. Many massage chairs are also equipped with relaxing sound therapy programs.

Zero Gravity: This recline technique extends the legs and raises the knees above the heart, creating a feeling of weightlessness that helps the spine to decompress. Luxury massage chair retailers often provide excellent customer service as well, so if anything goes wrong with one of these premium features, support is just a phone call away.

The risks of a cheap massage chair 

Buyer’s remorse is real no matter how confident the customer is with their purchase. Since a quality massage chair can be a significant investment, it is useful to know the risks you would run if you were to choose a cheaper model: 

Poor Customer Service: Poorly trained or difficult to contact customer service can make a serious problem worse and ruin a company’s reputation.

Sacrificing health and well-being: if the neck or back are even more tense after sitting on the massage chair, the money saved on the purchase is not worth the inconvenience of an inexpensive wellness product.

Features and Weaknesses: Hot Heat Therapy? Pedal rollers barely visible? No thank you! If you are planning to purchase a product that advertises certain features, you want those features to work. A lower price does not guarantee this.

Poor or no warranty: Cheap products are often priced so that retailers just want to move units. This mindset doesn’t work to foster positive and loyal interactions with customers, which is especially noticeable if a product doesn’t have a warranty or return policy. Retailers like this one never want to hear from their customers again, whatever happens after a purchase.

Difficulty finding parts or repair services: No offense to Amazon or Craigslist, but neither of these are the recommended source for massage chair parts or repairs. When you purchase a massage chair from a reputable manufacturer or retailer, they are sure to have advice for certified technicians in your area, should you run into any problems. Plus, they likely have a standard warranty that covers parts and repairs for the first few years after purchase.

Higher costs in the long run: more frequent replacements, inability to obtain parts, cheap materials, being ripped off by an uncertified technician … our heads ache just at the thought of the potential repair bill! 

Is it worth using an expensive massage chair? Yup! 

At Feel Good Massage Chairs we are passionate about Massage Chairs  and our professional team are committed to enriching the lives of our customers.

As we’ve seen, spending a little more upfront can save you money (and a lot of headaches). By starting your search for your massage chair with products from $ 1,500 and up, you’re almost always guaranteed: 

  • Better long-term health and well-being 
  • More reliable parts and repairs 
  • A superior quality massage every time. 
  • best customer service 
  • Longer service life of the massage chair 
  • More long-term savings 

Questions to ask before buying a massage chair 

In addition to the quality questions listed earlier in this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of questions every massage chair buyer should ask during the buying process.

Before you start shopping for real, it will be helpful to answer these questions: 

  • Should i buy a chair online?
  • How can I find the right massage chair?
  • What do I want my massage chair to do for me? What is my budget?
  • Where will my massage chair live?
  • Who will use the massage chair?
  • Where can I try a massage chair?

Once you have decided on the ideal massage chair, ask the retailer: 

  • How does delivery and configuration work? What if I don’t like the massage chair?
  • What kind of warranty does it include?
  • How long will my massage chair last?
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