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Betterment vs. Stash

Betterment vs. Stash

Stash and Betterment are both more popular Robo-advisors. However, choosing between these options may not be easy for everyone. You have to consider a wide range of factors such as performance, investment options, and fees. This Betterment vs. Stash comparison will help you choose the best tool for these options. So, let’s begin.

What is Stash?

A stash is an easy-to-use tool that simplifies investing options for beginners. Instead of listing investment options in technical language, it uses simple language. This helps beginners to understand the market and make decisions. Other investment tools use difficult terms to list options, which makes it difficult for beginners to make a decision.

With the help of Stash, you can research on your own and choose the stocks that you should buy. When you register with this platform, you have to create your portfolio and spend your time researching. The platform doesn’t allow you to automate your investment. Platforms such as M1 Investment have these advanced features.

What is Betterment?

Jon Stein along with his team created Betterment in 2010. This investment platform allows you to automate your transactions and invest in the background. This means that you can automate your strategies 24/7 and get a chance to boost your investments. With time, the developers at Betterment introduced multiple updates and features.

In some cases, you can also seek help from a human advisor and scale your investment game. Betterment is a registered investment adviser that offers Security and Exchange Commission. Since Betterment is a Robo-advisor it uses an algorithm that automates your investments. While registering with the platform, you have to answer various questions. The algorithm acts according to your answers.

The algorithm also helps to create a portfolio according to your needs. All you need to do is choose your goals while registering with the platform. Betterment will take care of the rest. During the registration, the platform will require information such as the target amount and time.

Betterment offers digital and premium accounts. The digital account automatically manages your portfolio, while premium features include human financial experts and all the digital features. Betterment is a Robo-advisor that automatically manages your portfolio. However, Stash is not a Robo-advisor. This is the major difference between both these platforms.

Betterment vs. Stash

Betterment is a completely diversified investment tool that automatically creates your portfolio. Meanwhile, Stash allows you to create your investment portfolio. It offers all the essential tools and support that help to customize your portfolio. Both the platforms are registered with the SEC and SIPC-insured. But, the level of risk involved is according to the types of investment options you choose.

Since Betterment automatically creates a portfolio, you can focus on your strategies and boost your profits. But when you register with Stash, you have to create your portfolio and then start with your investment. If you are new to investments, Stash isn’t the right choice for you.

Stash offers a flat-fee structure, which is not suitable for low-cost investors, especially if you want to invest $1000 or less. However, signing up with Betterment doesn’t charge any fee on your account. Therefore, it would be a better option than Stash.

When it comes to interface, Stash is user-friendly and fun to use. Also, it offers a change roundups feature, which is impactful and critical for your investments. You can receive change roundup features with Betterment as well. As a result, you can make recurring small deposits every week or month.

Lastly, Betterment has a wide range of account types which includes Roth IRAs and Joint accounts. Meanwhile, Stash offers few options. Thus, choosing Betterment will be the best option, if you need a wide array of options to choose from.


Hopefully, this Betterment vs. Stash comparison was helpful for you. Betterment and Stash, both are popular and beneficial tools for investors. However, if you want to choose one investment tool, Betterment will be the best option. If you want to learn more about how Betterment works, you should visit this link. For more details about Stash, you should click here.

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