BestChange Review: Best Rates from Reliable Exchanges


Beating off the initial ruckus and tarradiddle that has enveloped it, Cryptocurrency is waxing stronger than ever and is even being dubbed: the currency of the future. Even now, it is not uncommon to see currencies like Bitcoin, Tron, Etherum, and the rest being used in customer to business and even business to business transactions. 

There are lots of positive sides to trading with cryptocurrency and the biggest advantage being that it’s difficult to influence by singular events. It is why companies like BestChange offer a digital and easy solution to help you swap your fiat money with cryptocurrencies.

What is BestChange?

BestChange is an online platform that brings together people who have varying needs for cryptocurrencies. Bestchange gives you a comprehensive list of reliable exchangers. They enable an instant and wide market for exchanging crypto-currency. On their website at you will find where to buy, sell, or exchange all popular digital and cryptocurrencies available.

  • Security and Safety of the Platform

When dealing with money related subjects, the most important factor for customers is how safe their investments are. BestChange offers that and more; they conduct deep and meticulous research to include only trustworthy exchangers.

BestChange will not hesitate to obviate dubious exchangers on their platforms (as much as three negative reviews kicks the exchanger out of the platform). They ensure that customers deal with the most honest and professional exchangers anytime on their platform.

  • Ease of payment on the platform

Unlike many other platforms for exchanging cryptocurrency, the BestChange aggregator does not limit themselves to the use of credit/debit cards as the sole means of crypto exchange. On BestChange, you can swap your fiat currencies through other means like Wire transfers, Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney, Paypal, and half a dozen more. 

It makes the swapping process simpler and faster.

  • Number of Virtual Currency offered

When it comes to the number of virtual currencies a person can trade on BestChange exchange platforms, they are versatile. As of now, BestChange offers the most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin(LTC), and Tron (TRX) but not limited to them. It also supports other popular and stable virtual currencies like; Monero (XMR), Dogecoin (DOGE), Dash (DASH), Zcash (ZEC), Tether Omni(USDT), and Stellar (XLM).

Onn BestChange, you can exchange your Visa/MasterCard USD to BTC. It also plans on adding new virtual currencies after its review and verification process. 

  • User Interface and Navigation on the Platform

The BestChange exchange platform has simple and clear designs; customers can easily navigate and move through tabs without the necessary lagging of the browsers.

  • On the left panel, a customer will easily see two divisions of a small tab that will allow them to choose if they want to Give or Get (buy or sell) cryptocurrency. It also offers them help such as a list of the best rates and an opportunity to view the popular transactions.
  • The center of the panel shows a list of their trusted and verified exchangers that will negotiate the exchange with you with a view of their Rates, Reserves, and Reviews from previous customers.
  • The platform also has an online calculator that will help you to check the exact amounts you need/will get after the transaction.
  • Through their platform, one can also choose an exchanger that suits their needs and follow on to their page.  
  • Alerts and notifications

On BestChange aggregator platforms, a customer can set notifications for a particular rate/price and when an exchanger offers the rate at which you want to buy. This feature is helpful if you don’t plan to stay up on the screen all day observing the changes and variations. 

For example, you can set alerts to your Email or telegram app for if BTC falls beneath a particular price (to buy) or if it rises above a set price (to sell). Also, you can set how long you want these alerts to run.

  • It is a free internet service.

BestChange does not require users to pay additional or extra fees when trading crypto with exchangers on their platform; it is a free, information-based crypto aggregator. 

  • Frequency of Updates 

BestChange aggregator shows the optimal rates all the time as the rates are updated every 5-8 seconds. On this platform, you will see the tiniest of fluctuations in the crypto market and can be sure that you are going to get the best deals whenever you trade.

  • Special Exchange Merging feature.

BestChange also offers a rare feature known as the ‘Double Exchange’ mode; this option will help you to merge two exchange rates to trade with uncommon currencies. For example, if the exchange between (ABC) and (RBD) is unavailable, and both have an exchange rate with a third currency (BVH), BestChange can convert (ABC) to (BVH) and (BVH) to (RBD).  

  • Market Information and Study

On the BestChange aggregator platform, there is a sufficient amount of information that can serve as a guide when trading your currencies. They have comprehensive records with modules that allow you to view all market trends and fluctuations from as recent as 1 hour to as far back as one year. Here a customer can get;

  • Shares of specific currencies,
  • Shares of specific exchangers
  • Exchangers reserves of fiat and virtual currencies
  • Easy to do business with

The BestChange platform is easy to access from any browser, device, or location. It means even small, medium, and even large businesses can access their service by bookmarking their page. 

Also, their FAQs and Contacts panel will do justice to any complaints/questions a customer might have.

  • Non-guarantors of Exchanges

BestChange is an aggregator; they bring together a market for buyers and sellers. It means they neither act as guarantors nor are they related/affiliated with a particular exchanger. However, they will provide a customer with all the necessary details for the transactions. 

Wrapping Up

13 years down the line of being a digital/cryptocurrency market aggregator gives BestCHange the advantage of experience and strength. And their zero tolerance for dubious exchangers and top-notch service makes them a reliable and popular tool for most businesses and individuals.

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