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Best websites to Download Devotional Prayers PDF

Devotional Prayers PDF

If you are a spiritual person and love to pray daily by reciting Mantra, Aarti, Path and Chalisa regularly, then this article is meant to you. Here we are up with a problem and its solution to make your religious and spiritual activities smooth.

Sometimes you want to recite your prayers, aarti or chalisa on the go, maybe while travelling, while working at an office or any location outside. At that time you may realise that you can not carry the book containing all the Aarti, Paths, Shloka and prayers with you.

To resolve this, we are here with this article, where we will tell you about some best websites from where you can download all types of prayers in PDF format. Additionally, if you do not want to download them, you can open them anytime, anywhere and start your prayers.

Websites to download devotional prayers in PDF

There are a lot of people that follow Hindu religion and used to recite prayers and chalisa on a daily basis. Not only in Hindu religion, but almost all religions have some prayers.

As we said, the problem is that we can not carry a book containing all the Aarti, Paths, Shloka and Prayers while travelling, working etc. As a solution you can download all the important prayers in PDF format and put them in a folder.

Whenever you want to recite the prayers, simply open that PDF using any supporting application and you can read them anywhere at any time. But now the question is, from where we can download these PDFs.

Well, we have mentioned three best websites from where you can download Shlokas, Aarti, Chalisa, Path, Prayers, etc for free. Let’s have a look at these websites.

1. Insta PDF – Religion and Spirituality

Insta PDF is one of the best websites to download any type of PDF files. Almost every type of prayer, shloka, chalisa and aarti are available on this website in the Religious and Spirituality section.

Not only religious PDFs but here you can see a lot of categories such as eBooks, Novels, Business Books, Health and fitness PDFs. Simply, you can visit this website and scroll down to the categories section.

Here select the Religious and Spirituality section where you can find thousands of PDFs arranged in a suitable manner. By clicking on the PDF title, you can navigate to the download links. In the last step you have to click on the given download link to download any type of PDF. Some aarti, shloka, chalisa you can easily download from here are Navratri Path, Hanuman Chalisa PDF, Aditya Hridaya Strotra, Maa Durga Aarti, etc.

This website is completely free and its user interface is very attractive. You will not face junky ads and pop ups. So if you are looking for a free source to download such devotional PDFs, then we will highly recommend you to use this website.

2. PDF File

This is the second best website to download any religious PDF for free. PDFfile is a similar website which has a huge collection of various religious and spiritual eBooks and PDFs.

Here in the religious and spiritual category, more than a thousand PDFs of Aarti, Prayers, Chalisa, Mantra, Shloka, Stotra, etc are available in various regional languages.

To download your favourite prayer, simply visit the website and search for that prayer in the search bar. Now if that is available then, you can click on its title to read its complete details. Here on the details page, you can find the download link and then download that in PDF format.

Its user interface is also easily navigable, neat and clean. This makes it easy to find and download any type of religious and devotional PDF from this website. In our recommendation, you should use this website, and we are sure that you will not regret using it.

3. Chalisa Mantra

Chalisa Mantra is the last website on our list of best websites to download devotional and religious PDFs. This website is completely based on religious content and Chalisa, Aarti, Vrat Katha, Mantra, Stotra etc are easily available on this website.

There is a huge collection of such content and it can be easily downloaded from here without any cost. The lyrics as well as PDF files are provided with direct download links for the ease of the users.

In our recommendation this is one of the best options to read or download religious PDFs for free. Another similar website is Doa Qunut, where you can find ritual prayers and their PDFs.

Final Words

These were the best websites to download devotional content and religious PDFs for your daily routine prayers. All of them are free and due to attractive UI, easy to use.

The process to download any PDF is almost the same for all of them. Some other similar websites are Webdunia, ShlokaPDF etc. In case you find this article helpful, you can share this with your family members and friends.

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