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Best Website Writing Services Launches its Landing Page Writing Service

Best Website Content Writing Services officially launched its landing page writing service – the ultimate landing page writing service in the market that offers well-written and SEO-optimized, landing pages for websites. Best Website Content Writing Service aims to help brands and businesses drive traffic to their website and convert visitors into qualified leads by connecting them to some of the web’s best blog writers. Interested customers can now avail of the service which has just been open for orders and inquiries since the beginning of this month.

The Need for A Professional Landing Page

While many beginner online marketers believe that an increase in organic traffic and conversion rates only depend on the quality of content available in their blogs and websites, expert online marketers know that there is one more important aspect to focus on – the website’s landing pages. Landing pages are designed for the purpose of leading website visitors into conversion through the use of powerful calls to action. Whenever someone comes across an advertisement online and chooses to click it, they will be directed to the website’s landing page. The quality of such a landing page will determine whether the customer will convert or not.

Best Website Content Writing Services believe that a landing page is an effective marketing tool to introduce a product or service, generate leads, and motivate the audience to take action. Accordingly, striving to build powerful landing pages is a must for website owners since these pages serve as “appetizers” that they serve to their audience before actually serving them the main product or service. Therefore, landing pages should be powerful and motivational to showcase your product or service, communicate well with your audience, and hopefully generate leads.

The Service

Landing pages for this service can be about any niche with a maximum of 1000 words or more per page, depending on the need of the client. All outputs provided are guaranteed with editing, proofreading, and inclusion of references. Upon ordering, clients will be asked to provide a link to their website so the writing team can study and gauge their existing online presence. This will help the team ensure that the output will be suitable to the personality, tone, and voice of the brand or business. They can also choose among the team of writers from the platform who they deem to be suitable for the project. 

For the landing page writing service, three writing packages are available which customers can choose from. These services vary in terms of the number of pages, the inclusion of extra services, and rates. The standard package includes one landing page, two revisions, as well as editing and proofreading; while the business package includes five landing pages, three revisions, as well as editing and proofreading. Meanwhile, the premium package includes ten landing pages, four revisions, as well as editing and proofreading. This service aims to increase organic traffic and generate leads. Therefore, quality, professionalism, and expertise are practiced to guarantee service satisfaction.

The Landing Page Writers

Best Website Content Writing Services’ team of skilled writers aims to make content creation easier for their clients especially those who lack the time and expertise to write professional landing pages for their websites. They will implement conversion optimization by optimizing every corner of the website and making them motivating for visitors to act and convert every time they reach the page. Armed with the knowledge of the various forms of landing pages and how to make them irresistible for customers, the writers are bound to deliver compelling outputs which match the marketing strategy of the client. 

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