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Best Web3 Games on Avalanche

Playing games for money isn’t new, but it’s getting more unique attention with web3 games on Avalanche. These games are designed for earning NFTs and other blockchain options, and they’re seeing a rise in popularity as web3 expands and more people take an interest in NFTs and cryptocurrency. A lot of people still aren’t sure what all this area of technological advancement has to offer for them, but they can enjoy playing games and getting some experience and insight at the same time.

Imperium Empires

With Imperium Empires you can get the benefit of a game created by a team of blockchain developers, marketing professionals, and game developers, so you get a great mix of play and value. Each of the creators has 10 to 20 years or more of experience in their respective fields. There’s no hyperinflationary NFT breeding in the game, and the play-and-earn tiers focus on the skills and engagement of the player.

There are seasonal tournaments where you can win big rewards, and you can also team up with friends for guild wars that mean epic and entertaining battles. The guild tournaments can mean even larger rewards with your team, instead of playing on your own. The governance token is $IME, which you can purchase on a number of sites. You can even stake them and watch your rewards increase.


Chikn is another extremely popular web3 game on Avalanche, where you can use both active and idle game playing to take farming to an entirely new level. Your farm’s NFT interactions include earning $FEED, laying $EGGs, and helping your chikn continue to grow and develop. There are diverse elements all throughout the game and its ecosystem. FarmLand and Roostr are just two of the biggest elements you can explore, so you can make your farm as productive as possible.

The tri-token architecture of this game showcases the value of tokenomics and the interest in unique games that are both valuable and fun to play. After all, games are still games. They’re being played because people like them, and that’s a big part of their popularity, as well. Taking the time to create and manage a virtual farm can be a challenging experience, and real-world earnings make it even better.


Some games are fun to play while also letting you explore defi on AVAX. These include Avaxtars, which is a browser-based game that’s play-to-earn and offers a sci-fi setting. It was launched in the first quarter of 2021 and has continued to grow in popularity. The mechanics of playing and earning in the game include NFTs, along with the $AVXT, $ENXT, and $DGC utility tokens. There are also several generations of Avaxtars.

There are other web3 games, of course, including Crabada, Fableborne, and Shrapnel, but it’s taken a little time for most games to get a lot of traction among users. That’s why it’s so important to track the yields of these games, so you can choose the ones that meet your needs. Sure, you want to play something that’s fun. But you also want to make sure you’re choosing a game with value and growth potential. That’s easier when you track a number of web3 games, so you can make wise choices that also provide you with plenty of enjoyment.

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