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Best Web Scraping Proxies in 2023

Web scraping has become a common practice in the world of data extraction, and the demand for it continues to grow every day. It involves collecting information from websites, and this information can be used for various purposes like market research, price comparison, lead generation, and more.

However, web scraping is not a simple task, and among other requirements, it needs proxies to get the job done. In this article, we will discuss some of the best proxies for web scraping. If you missed the latest 2023 catalogue of best web scraping proxy providers – be sure to check it out!

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Why Do You Need Proxies for Web Scraping?

Web scraping involves sending multiple requests to a website, which can lead to the website flagging your IP address as a bot or spammer. The website can then block your IP address, and you will not be able to access it anymore. Proxies help you avoid this problem by allowing you to use different IP addresses for your web scraping activities.

Types of Proxies for Web Scraping

There are different types of proxies you can use for web scraping. These include:

  1. Datacenter Proxies: These are proxies that are not associated with an internet service provider (ISP) or an internet connection. They are located in data centers and are easier to set up and cheaper than other types of proxies. However, they are less reliable and have a higher chance of being detected by websites.
  2. Residential Proxies: These are proxies that are associated with an ISP or an internet connection. They are more reliable than datacenter proxies and are less likely to be detected by websites. However, they are more expensive and require more setup.
  3. Mobile proxies: These proxies route internet traffic through mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. These proxies allow users to change their IP address and location, making it difficult for websites to detect and block them while accessing the internet.

Best Proxies for Web Scraping


Smartproxy provides a top-notch anonymous browsing experience, offering a highly secure and fast proxy network. The plans are budget-friendly and accessible to a wide range of users, while the intuitive dashboard and exceptional support team make it a reliable choice for anyone seeking a top-tier proxy solution.


NetNut offers several notable features that make it a stand-out option in the residential proxy market. One of the key features is its flexible payment options, which include the ability to pay by GB of traffic or by the number of requests. 

Additionally, its residential proxies cover a wide range of countries, offering a diverse pool of IP addresses to choose from. Additionally, the provider offers a range of plans to choose from, including custom plans to meet specific user requirements. is a 4G mobile proxy marketplace providing high-trust IPs. All proxy farms are audited to ensure fast speeds and stability. At the moment Coronium offers 7 USA and Europe locations.

A curious option available: Coronium offers users setting up their own custom proxy farms for big web scraping / marketing projects, to later use for any purpose or sell unused proxy power.


IPRoyal offers genuine residential proxies from 195 countries. Datacenter and sneaker proxies are available in nearly 30 countries, while mobile proxies come from US, UK, and Lithuania.

IPRoyal residential plan is ideal for web scraping and multi-accounting thanks to global coverage and advanced session control for each IP. 

Bright Data

Brightdata is a leading proxy service provider established in 2014, offering a wide range of proxy servers, data collection APIs, no-code web scraper, and pre-collected data sets. Known for its strict policy, high-performance proxies, and functional tooling, Brightdata is a premium choice for businesses and large-scale operations.


ASocks proxy is, as the vendor claims, your best proxy solution for any use case. Forget CAPTCHAs, long response times, restrictions and blocks. Keep your work anonymous and accomplish and minimize stress during your daily tasks. One price for all.


Web Scraping can be a powerful tool for businesses and individuals, but it’s important to use the right proxies to avoid getting blocked by websites. Smartproxy, NetNut,, IPRoyal, Bright Data, and ASocks are all great options for web scraping, depending on your specific needs. If you’re looking for residential proxies, all of these providers offer great proxy services.

Ultimately, the best proxies for web scraping will depend on your specific needs and budget. However, the providers listed above are all reputable and reliable options that can help you extract data from websites without getting blocked.

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