Best web development tools for beginners

web development tools

One of the major problems every aspiring web developer has to contend with is how to start learning web development and where to take a head start. Some beginners find it intimidating when they have to build and design a website. 

Considering the problems of beginners, many software has been introduced for easy and quick development.  Let’s dig into details to learn about a few of them:


These days, the most common and easy-to-use tool for building a website is WordPress. It uses PHP language and enables the user to build a service on his server with the use of a PHP database. There is no restriction as to what kind of website you can make using this amazing tool. There are lots of available templates which are free of cost and it also encourages writing SEO-optimized content. As long as you have a laptop and a stable internet connection, no one can stop you from learning web development using WordPress. For a stable IoT, click on 

As a beginner, you can easily master the tool known as WordPress because it saves you a lot of hassle. 


Weebly is a popular person who wants to build their website without extra effort. Whether you want to create a personal blog or a huge e-commerce website, Weebly can always provide you with complete assistance as a beginner.  The best thing about using Weebly is that it provides a lot of design flexibility to the user so that he can choose the design that appeals to him. The website designed with the help of Weebly can be optimized for mobile users also. 


If you have learned development and you want to get hands-on experience developing a website using a tool used by professionals, Github is the best tool to be considered. Using GitHub improves writing code for programmers. Teams across the world can collaborate conveniently with the use of this tool. Effective team management, hosting of the code, and safety of the code are some special benefits coders find to use Github as a motivation. You need fast IoT connectivity.


Macaw is best known among people who like to use various design tools. A beautiful and responsive webpage can be designed easily with the use of Macaw web development and designing tools. The best part of using Macaw is that you can save the used design tool and you can use them whenever you need. Designing the website with the Macaw tool enables people to use the website on every type of device. 

The bottom line:

If you are a beginner and you want to use a tool that allows you to develop the website according to the tools that you have learned, you can choose a tool that is best suited to your needs. You are never recommended to use a tool that is not technically useful for you because of limited skills or less useful features

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