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Best Ways To Earn Online With Writing

Earn money writing online is it possible? How can I do it? Yes, it is possible to live from your writing skills and here we will tell you how. Web writing at is a world with a lot of potentials to make money. Content marketing is one of the main marketing strategies most used today. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more companies buy articles to position themselves in Google search engines. And that’s where the business opportunity for editors comes from Guest Posting.

If you are a budding copywriter, read this article and learn the 4 best ways to make money through your writing. Take note, we already started.

4 ideas to earn money writing online

1. Be a freelance writer

“I am freelance” How many times have you not heard this phrase? Surely you have a friend or acquaintance who makes a living in this way. And they are not the only ones. Being a freelancer is a booming trend, especially for young professionals. It is about working autonomously and offering services to other people or companies.

Well, if you have writing skills, being a freelance copywriter is an excellent way to earn money writing online. How to do it? Very easy. The fastest way is to sign up for web platforms that “recruit” freelance writers from all over the world and connect them with clients who need these writing services. Below we leave you a list of the best websites where you can earn money writing.

The main characteristic of this job is the variety of its clientele, so they can work in practically anything. The advantages are that you can work with flexible hours and from the comfort of your home, wonderful, right?

2. Copywriter

Copywriting is one of the most fashionable and demanding trends in the world of writing. The key? Persuasion and the power of conviction through words. It is very different from being a basic editor because you need, above all, to convince and that is highly requested by companies that seek to sell their products or services. As a result, it is one of the highest-paying copywriting jobs.

3. Social Media Manager

A community manager or manager of social networks must know about writing. In short, he is the bridge between the companies and the followers in the networks. His function is to keep the networks updated with new and interactive content. And how does he do it? Most of the time, through words.

4. Ghostwriter

The “ghostwriter”, no! It is not the title of a horror movie, it is a way to earn money writing on the Internet. It consists of writing articles without signing them. Ghostwriters are often hired by companies to publish unsigned articles or to attribute authorship to someone else. That is, you will not appear as an author. But watch out! This type of business is carried out consensually. They are usually higher-paying items than the rest of the orders.

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