Best Way to Fake Location on iPhone without Computer (iOS 17 Supported)

When it comes to playing location-based games or using restricted social media apps, spoofing the iPhone location is often the only option left for users. However, this process isn’t straightforward, as it typically requires using a computer to fake your GPS location on the iPhone. Additionally, users of the latest iOS 17 may find it particularly challenging.

Learn how to safely spoof your location on an iPhone with a new method we found—using iAnyGo iOS app. It is now very easy to fake your iPhone location without a computer.

Can You Fake Your Location on iOS 17?

Yes, you can easily fake your location on iOS 17 by using a spoofing app for iPhone like iAnyGo iOS app. Previously, you needed a computer or had to jailbreak the device to change its location. Now, with support for iOS 17.2 and later, the iAnyGo iOS app allows you to quickly change iPhone location without computer. It also works seamlessly with all location-based applications.

Best Way to Fake Your Location on iOS 17 Without Computer

Due to strict security measures, most apps fail to change location on iOS 17 or later. Manually modifying the location is also quite difficult. We recommend the iAnyGo iOS app to fake GPS location iPhone without computer. Unlike other apps, it doesn’t require a jailbreak or a complicated setup process.

With iAnyGo iOS app, you can safely manipulate your iPhone’s location to access games or apps that are not available in your region. While you don’t need a computer to fake your location every time, you do need one initially to install the iAnyGo iOS app on your iPhone. The iAnyGo iOS app cannot be installed directly on an iPhone by mobile users.

Let’s first see how to install the iAnyGo iOS app on your iPhone.

Step 1. Open the iAnyGo iOS Assistant program on the computer and login to your Apple account.


Step 2. Connect your iPhone to the computer and click on “Install iAnyGo iOS app”. Make sure you ahve already enabled Developer Mode on your device.

Step 3. On your iPhone, go to Settings, tap “General>VPN & Device Management”. Find untrusted apps and tap “Trust” to approve the app.

You’ve completed the computer part. Now, here’s how to change iPhone location without jailbreak or computer;

Step 1. Open the iAnyGo iOS app on your iPhone and tap on the location change button. This automatically switches the app to the “IP Finder App” installed by the iAnyGo iOS Assistant.

Step 2. Tap “Allow” when the pop-up appears to add VPN configurations. Then tap again “Configured” > “Open” on the next pop-up.

Step 3. After setting up the IP Finder VPN, you can now easily change your location to anywhere you like with just one click using the iAnyGo iOS app.


1.How do I freeze the location on Find My iPhone without them knowing?

If you need to hide your location on Find My iPhone without letting anyone know, the iAnyGo iOS app can spoof your location. This means you can appear at home even if you’re actually out without anyone discovering it. To manually turn off location, go to your iPhone’s settings: Settings > Find My > Turn off “Share my location.”

2.Can you tell if someone is faking their location on an iPhone?

The iPhone location spoofer allows users to hide their original location by changing the device’s GPS coordinates. This feature makes it difficult to tell when someone is faking their location on an iPhone.

3.How to change location on iOS 17 without PC?

The best way to change location without a computer on iOS 17 is with the iAnyGo iOS app. It’s easy, safe, and you don’t need to jailbreak the device. Just install the app on your iPhone using the iAnyGo iOS Assistant program from your computer, and then you can easily change the location to anywhere.

4.How to fake location on iPad without computer?

Spoofing your location on iPad without a computer is easy with the iAnyGo iOS app. Simply install the app on your iPad by using the iAnyGo iOS Assistant program on your computer. Then, configure and enable the VPN to start spoofing your iPad’s location.

Final Words

Whether you’re looking to spoof location on iPhone for fun or to bypass unfair restrictions, it’s super easy to do with iAnyGo iOS app.  Thanks to its one-click location switch feature, you can quickly change the GPS spot for all your location-based apps. You don’t even need to use the computer every time or jailbreak your device, unlike what other spoofing methods usually require. As for the coming Pokemon Go Fest 2024, you can give iAnyGo iOS app a shot to play Pokemon Go Fest 2024 at home! Global can fulfil!

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