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Best Voice Changers For PC [Special Edition] [Latest Choice]

The best voice changer for PC depends on your needs and how you want to transform your voice from one gender to another gender or like a robot. If you really want to change your voice pick your best choice.

When did you first hear about Talking Tom? The inane humor of it all had me roaring with laughter, so yes, I do. What we just saw was the most basic form of voice-changing technology. Imagine now doing this in real-time and with a wide range of voice options. This is because voice-altering programs make it easier to fool people. You can choose from various prerecorded voices, including alien, robotic, and cartoon styles. It’s possible to manually adjust things like pitch, frequency, and tone, among other facets of your voice.

Best Picks To Transform Your Voice Like Robot

The #1 Voice Modifier: MagicMic for Windows

MagicMic is a great live voice changer for Windows and Mac computers. The voice changer instantly alters the user’s voice to match the desired voice. Its built-in effects can be used with little effort as well.

Most surprisingly, although brand new, it contains virtually all of the features of a voice changer, including voice and sound effects, voice customization, key binds control, background sound shifting, etc. When compared to other voice changers, it has the widest variety of available effects.

  • Probably the Most Spectacular Voice Modifier Ever
  • Get a Free TrialGet a Free Trial
  • One of its many advantages is that it lets you change your voice from one of over 125 available selections.
  • The packaging for some of them even includes music or other sounds.
  • It’s compatible with a wide range of networks and applications, including PUBG, Second Life, Fortnite, CS: GO, Discord, Skype, and more.


The voice-altering software MagicMic works on both Mac and Windows computers.

The #2 VOX Morph

Morph Vox is a widely used program that provides its users with many useful tools. There is a free version called MorphVox Junior, as well as a paid version called MorphVox Pro. However, the free version may not be satisfactory due to the constraints placed upon it. For instance, there are just three different voices to choose from. Only one adult male, one adult female, and one child. As a result, I suggest upgrading to the paid version for the greatest results.

Improved Version – MorphVOX Pro

It’s perfect for real-time online chats and RPGs because of its versatile voice-altering capabilities. There are two different modes available in MorphVox. In the customized setting, picking a voice from the available selections is a breeze. Perhaps some effects would finish it out nicely. Then there’s the in-depth Studio Mode that’s available. Changes to the pitch and timbre of your voice can be made here.

With MorphVox, you can use your computer’s microphone without worrying about background noise, and it works seamlessly with a wide variety of games and online chat platforms. Easily creating a lifelike environment on your computer is facilitated by the inclusion of ambient noises, another cool feature. MorphVox can also be used to morph WAV files, which are used to store recorded audio. The Windows platform is the only one supported by this app.

The #3 Choice Voicemod Pro Full Version

Due to its high quality and speed, Voicemod is the best voice converter available. It’s a piece of software that alters the user’s speech so that it sounds like a woman, a child, a man, a chipmunk, or a robot. It’s fascinating to experiment with different voices in video games and live broadcasts.

Voicemod has an astonishing array of speech filters in addition to its sleek design. You have access to several speech effects that have both amusing and useful applications. Voicemod allows you to modify your speech to mimic that of a robot. This tool is useful if you want your voice to have more of a commanding baritone quality.

Amazingly simple to use, the tool works in real-time and is available for no cost on any Windows system. The program was designed for the discord online chat service, but it may be used with any video conferencing or streaming service.

Pros: –

  • Several programs, including Hangout, Paltalk, and Viber, may be compatible.
  • There are a ton of voice effects you may use during the transformation.
  • You’ll find it a breeze to put to use. A novice user of the software will have no trouble navigating the available voices.
  • Your own custom sounds can be added to their collection.

Negatives: –

  • The program will pressure you to download and install games and applications.
  • At 79 MB, the download and setup process is lengthy.
  • Not always functional due to unreliable server connections.


Only those with a Windows computer should use Voicemod.


There is both a free and premium version of Voicemod. Voicemod Pro full version, the paid version, costs $45 for a lifetime license, $18 for a year, and $12 for a quarter. If you want to use Voicemod pro crack it’s free for a lifetime on Filesmama.

The #4 Choise is All-in-One Voice Changer

Basically, All-in-One Voice Changer is a more robust version of the Skype Voice Changer. While it functions in the same way, you may integrate it with other instant messaging apps like Yahoo Messenger and QQ International. Therefore, the All-in-One tool is a voice changer made for use in online conversations.

Modify Your Voice Instantly And Easily

Prank calling your loved ones has never been easier than with this fantastic piece of software. For added comedic effect, you can even switch voice styles in the middle of a chat. Thanks to All-in-One Voice Changer, altering your vocal tone is a breeze. One can adjust the pitch of their voice by sliding a bar to the left or right. You can try out each potential alteration until you find the one you like best. It also allows you to import.wav files and makes adjustments to them within the program.

This program is not available for free download. They offer a demo, but it’s in a Cat voice, which isn’t very impressive. On the plus side, once you’ve upgraded, you’ll have access to a video-editing capability that’s not included in the base program. It’s a great way to spice up your online video chats with some witty voiceovers.

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