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Best TradingView Buy Sell Signal Indicator Plugin for Crypto, Stocks & Option Stock Markets

Buy Sell Signal Indicator

Every investor wants to invest in good stocks, at the right price and at the right time. But to do this, especially for young investors, you need charts, information, and visualizations about the market. You will also need recommendations, pointers, tips, help, and many other things. It, however, does not take away your power of discretion to invest in whatever business you like.

Signal Indicators are highly useful tools to help you discover the activities of large institutional investors/ fund managers. Through analysis and algorithms, they show you where the trades/stocks are headed and for how long. One of the top signal indicators is TradingView.

TradingView is a cloud-based prediction and visualization networking software. It is useful for beginners as much as advanced investors. It has access to 50 worldwide exchanges, a vast knowledge base on stocks. I will recommend it for anyone interested in a deep, research-filled, and a customized experience to trading (which allows you to create your charts).

Options Trading Signals are powerful tools used by traders to help them make informed decisions in the options market. These signals provide valuable information about potential trading opportunities, including when to enter or exit a trade, which options contracts to choose, and what strategies to implement.

TradingView is a very versatile Signal Indicator tool, and it has important Plugins. One of the best of its Plugin is OnePunch Algo Plug-in. 

What is OnePunch Algo Plugin?

This plugin extends trading to buying and selling signals for the stock, Cryptocurrencies, and even cryptocurrency. It serves as a third wheel to help investors make accurate decisions when buying/selling Stocks, Crypto, or Forex trading. 

  • A simple Visualization Software tool

The OnePunch Algo Plugin uses the Candlestick charts to create a visual representation of signals to buy/sell stocks, and co. 

Candlesticks charts are technical tools that collate lots of data for multiple periods into single ”Price bars” shaped like candles. Using candlesticks makes it easier to read predictions through the use of color-coded rectangular shapes. This method is more efficient than the traditional open-high, low-close bars, or the use of connecting lines. 

  • Price

OnePunch Algo plugin is an extension of the TradingView Signal Indicator. To make use of this Plugin, you will have to buy it and subscribe. The Plugin costs only $24.99 for 3 days. However, whether you are using a free or paid version of the TradingView, you can still access the OnePunch Algo Plugin. You can install this Plugin through OnePunch Buy Sell Signal Indicator for TradingView.

  • Easy installation

Installing this Plugin to your TradingView account is one of the easiest things to do on TradingView. To install this plugin, 

  1. Sign in to your TradingView account 
  2. Go to your charts on your TradingView
  3. Select the Indicators tab at the top of the platform
  4. Open and Click the “invite-only” scripts on the drop-window
  5. Click the “OnePunch Algo Hard BUY/SELL and Date Range”
  6. Start using your Plugin once the installation is complete.

There you go; you are ready to use OnePunch with these simple steps.

  • Regular Updates on Stock Prices and Trades

When trading Stocks, Crypto, and Forex, getting constant updates in a short time-frame is a useful feature. The candlestick tool ‘compresses’ little fluctuations in price over a time-frame, and this makes it easy to read stock prices and view predictions.

  • Simple techniques for reading signals

Reading or checking signals with the OnePunch Algo Plugin is as easy as it can get.  The color-coded bars reflect different scenarios prompting you to either BUY or SELL. 

Some of the color-coded indicators and their promptings are;

Buying Indicators

1) Soft buy indicators

When there is a green outline yellow bar at a point in trade, it is predicting a building momentum in buying. At that point, you are advised to buy the stock/it is more profitable to buy the stock for the short term.

2) Hard buy indicator

 A red outline white candle is closely followed by a green outline white candle. It is a suggestion that the stock will trade very high in the coming periods, and this is a great period to invest in the stock.

Selling Indicators

1) Hard Sell Indicator

When a yellow bar outlined with red color forms close to a yellow bar with a green outline, this is a prediction that you should sell the stock for the short-term.

2) Soft Sell Indicator

When a red candle/bar forms immediately after a green outline yellow candle, this is a signal for you to sell that stock for the long-term.

Momentum Indicators

1) Momentum Buy indicator

When it shows a First green outline Yellow formation (like a Tetris game), with a major event like News, ER reports, or other positive data, it is an indication to buy stock.

2) Momentum Sell Indicator

If a red outline yellow candle or a full red candle forms after a momentum buy signal, it signifies a momentum sell.

You can learn great tips on how to trade stocks, crypto, or forex through this Youtube Channel.

  • Notifications and alerts

Using TradingView, you can also set notifications to determine when you want to trade. For example,  you can set a threshold for when to buy or sell stocks. Creating notification alerts is a useful tool in trading, especially for time-sensitive stocks/trades.

  • Trading advice, tutorials, and materials

OnePunch plugin has a YouTube channel dedicated to helping stock/crypto/forex traders understand the market. OnePunch Stock Market YouTube Channel runs very comprehensive lectures on the stock market for beginners and advanced traders. You should subscribe to the channel to get more updates about signals.

  • Accessible from all platforms

You can access the OnePunch plugin through various devices; tablets, PC, and mobile. It also has support for the web interface, iOS, and Android devices. It makes it easy to monitor and analyze your stocks anywhere you are. 

  • Promotions and Ads

This plugin does not contain any ads or other promotions. Once you install the plugin, there is only the trade analysis window.

Wrapping Up

Trading in stocks can be as risky as it is rewarding. However, using charts, signal indicators, and co. makes it easy to choose between stocks, know when to BUY/SELL, and show you the directions and valuations of each stock. With a plugin like OnePunch Algo, you can always make auspicious trade decisions on Crypto, Stocks, and forex tradings.

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