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Best Tools for Link Building and Link Analyses

Best Tools for Link Building and Link Analyses

From the lone blogger putting up two articles a week to multi-million dollar online mega-stores, everyone wants to get traffic from search engines. So much is not enough, so you want to try hard to be at the top spot on the first page. But ranking number one for your desired keyword on any search engine site is not a stroll in the park. You have to put so much effort into everything that is related to your website, and most importantly acquire backlinks from other relevant sites. Click here for Links Building for more information about link building.

This is not a task anyone can handle on his/her own. That’s where you need tools that can help you analyze and streamline your link-building campaign. Check out below to see the best tools you should lay your hands on.

OPEN Site Explorer from Moz

OpenSite Explorer (OSE) is a powerful link analysis tool that provides insights and data on links from other websites pointing to your own website. When SEO and link building are of concern, no data is too much. This is why OSE has come out to become a power player in this field.

OSE has several features that are geared towards informing your link-building decisions. With OSE, you have access to the number of linking root domains, your site’s domain authority (this pretty much determines its influence on search), page authority, and the total number of sites linking to it.

OSE is a great SEO/analysis tool for its registered users and is from a very trustworthy SEO provider, Moz.

Backlink Watch

This one does not look so sophisticated compared to OSE, but it’s a goldmine for a free link-building tool. When building backlinks to your site, you must make sure you monitor the sites linking back to yours. Go to this website Miyabi SEO  in order to acquire additional information.


Backlink Watch is a popular tool to check your backlinks. It also provides the anchor texts used on each link as well as the quality of sites linking back to yours. This information can help you determine how to make your link-building campaign as look natural as possible.

Xenu Link Sleuth

As its name implies, Xenu Link Sleuth (XLS) is a link detective. This time around, this tool sneaks around a website and detects broken links. This arms the user with a potential opportunity to get backlinks from high-quality relevant sites using broken link schemes. It can also be useful to detect broken links on your website and help you avoid an impending penalty from search engines like Google.

This tool is actually downloadable, which helps you eliminate the problem of the page having to reload several times over.


There is no way you won’t have to reach out to webmasters and bloggers if you intend to do link-building. This is where Buzzstream comes in. Buzzstream helps you find high-quality blogs from which you can build relationships and collaborate to build links.

There are a whole lot of features to explore by using this tool. With BuzzMarker, you can easily add a blog to the BuzzStream database, and you can also quickly view the site’s metrics and determine whether it’s a good fit or not.

Another feature I like about BuzzStream is that it will try to fetch the contact details for the site you find automatically.

Link Prospector

Lastly on this list is the link Prospector by Gareth and Darren from Citation Labs. It features several options designed to make link-building less stressful. It is designed to be fast, and can quickly return a list of potential link partner sites for link-building opportunities. What is most important about the tool is that it has an easy-to-use and simple interface, and users can export their prospect’s results. If you want to learn more about Link Building for different websites then take a look at this website Webpatogh.

Link prospector lets you choose from categories of sites you want to search for so that the result is tailored to fit your link-building campaign. There are a host of options to narrow down your search result to your specific keyword term.

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