Best Things to Buy From Taobao

Once you start shopping from, you will never want to buy anything from brick and motor stores anymore. Fully owned by the Alibaba Corporation,, China’s biggest online shopping site offers almost all products you need at a price that is way cheaper than the physical stores. The site resembles an ocean of items, with thousands of categories and billions of products to choose from. However, we all have our favorites, don’t we?

So, despite the site offering you a diverse range of products, here are the 10 most popular things you could buy from Taobao. Our picks are based on some of the most-bought and trending items on the site, across the globe.

  • Mop shoes

If you are looking to shop for an extremely useful but affordable product from Taobao, these mop shoes should be right on top of your list. Now, you can clean the floors of your house even as you keep walking to do other tasks. These shoes look attractive, and they help you save a great deal of time. Thanks to these excellent mop shoes, you can keep your homes as clean as possible with minimal or no effort at all. Priced at just RM10.22, this one gives you full value for your money.

  • Nutcracker Scissors

A nutcracker scissor may not seem like the most important item in your home; however, you will appreciate its value when you have literally a hard nut to crack in your home! Sometimes, some pumpkin seeds or walnuts may not break easily, if you use the normal methods. This is where a nutcracker scissor will be of great help to you. You can crack even the hardest of nuts easily with this tool. You can quickly prepare a delicious salad and use these nut toppings without having to go through the effort of breaking open them the hard way. Priced at around RM6, this is definitely a great deal you wouldn’t want to miss on

  • Essential oil Kit for Aromatherapy

Are you tired after a long day at work? How do you feel about enjoying a relaxing aromatherapy session right in the comfort of your home? If you thought that this idea is too good to be true, you haven’t seen the essential oil kit on Taobao, yet! This kit comes with relaxing essential oils of various fragrances like lavender, gardenia, jasmine, lemon, ocean and osmanthus. All these essential oils come in different bottles. When you want to use one of them, all you need to do is open the bottle you want, and stick the paper roses on top of it, to diffuse the fragrance all around your home.

  • Bathroom Slippers with Anti-Slip feature

One of the popular items on is bathroom slippers! Taobao has multiple colors and designs of bathroom slippers to woo their customers. These slippers come with an anti-slip feature, thanks to which you can use them with ease anywhere in your home and outside. With their thick soles and lightweight feature, these slippers are definitely a must-buy. They are quite affordably priced as well, so you can buy many pairs to gift to your loved ones.

  • Feiyue Sneakers/shoes

Taobao, China’s biggest online shopping site, is a haven for shopaholics. Here, you will find the best fashion accessories, including sneakers. The ones designed by the Chinese company, Feiyue, are one of the most-loved sneakers on the site. This is because these sneakers come with cushioned layering, which makes them comfortable to be worn even during the harsh winters. The high-quality padding of these shoes will ensure you don’t feel uncomfortable even after walking for long hours on rough surfaces.

  • Food Processor (Mini)

If you are looking for highly functional and attractive household goods on Taobao, you have to buy this wonderful mini food processor right now. It looks small, but it can pack a heavy punch! With this in your kitchen, you don’t have to spend time cutting onions, meat, chilies, or other vegetables. Make purees within seconds by just pulling the lever of this processor. The strong stainless blades of the food processor do the rest of the job for you. Cooking, or prepping for meals has now become a breeze, thanks to this multi-purpose food processor.

  • Multifunctional Pot

Here is a pot that you can use to brew tea, cook noodles, sterilize baby products, steam eggs, cook soup and more! Yes, you heard that right! This multipurpose pot is highly popular on Taobao because of its innovative design and attractive features. It comes with seven preset modes for brewing, which makes your cooking quicker and easier than you ever imagined! The best part of this multifunctional pot is that it heats up quickly, thereby saving your energy bills as well.

  • Tool for cleaning dust

This retractable dust-cleaning tool is one of the best things you can gift yourself or your friends. It helps keep your home prim and proper always, as it can bend itself to clean the hard-to-access corners under your sofa and beds. It can reach places that your regular broom cannot even think of! The highlight of this tool is that it can be extended up to 147cm to help you in cleaning your ceilings as well!

  • Fabric Sofa (Latex)

The Nordic-Style Latex Fabric Sofa is one of the best things to buy from Taobao, when you are planning to decorate the interiors of your home. Taobao gives you a lot of flexibility in this product, as it is available in many colors and sizes. You can customize it just the way you want, and the seller would be more than happy to oblige.

  • Computer Accessories

Chinese companies have been making waves in the computer accessories field for the last few years. So, it is only natural that you shop for these accessories on Taobao. Mechanical keyboards and mouse are some of the top-selling computer accessories on Taobao. They are durable, and available at extremely affordable prices. The mechanical keyboards from some Chinese brands, like Rapoo, cost you less than $20, which is a great deal indeed!

So, have you chosen your pick from Taobao? If not, do it right now, as these products are selling like hotcakes on the site.

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