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Best Tech Accessories for College Students

Best Tech Accessories

College is a difficult time as it is, with the uphills, the pitfalls, and the lessons which both teach. In such a mentally stimulating time of one’s life, every college student is trying their best to make the route a little easier.

Thanks to being born in the 21st century and attending modern colleges, booming technology is already helping. From helping access a plethora of information from the world wide web to being able to attend classes sitting on your couch, technology is assisting in ways unimaginable.

Suppose your friend or cousin is starting their adulting journey this year. Or, this is their second year in college, and they are feeling a bit homesick; a great gift is a wonderful way to jumpstart their journey.

In this blog post, we will give you some of the tech accessories which will allow college students to ease into their new life or make their studies a bit organized. Maybe miss you a little extra upon appreciating the gifts because our list will consist of functional items which will help them every step of the way.

Tech Gadgets For Every College Student

As parents and older siblings, it is difficult to let a child go off to college. There is that one family member who we never expect to grow up with. Suddenly one day, they are all grown up, going off to college, and you keep wondering whether they can cope with all that the new life has in store.

However, rather than coddling them, why not give them one of these tech presents? The teen who just went off to college will appreciate you more with these gifts than calling them every minute.

1. Hard Drive To Save Space

In the day and age of cloud storage, hard drives are becoming obsolete. However, not many understand the problem with cloud storage until their PC is lagging because of the large files suffocating the last ounce of storage.

Another drawback of cloud storage is definitely the requirement of a steady network at all times. If not, then forget to load your file. This is why a hard drive will help save crucial time during important hours.

Plus, it will help them keep their PC and mobile devices clean of excessive clutter, increasing their overall shelf life throughout college. Because buying a new device because of poor handling is not safe for the pockets.

2. Printer

Colleges have assignments, and these assignments require the students to run to the nearest printing and Xeroxing store every two min. This is saying nothing about the cue. They have to stand for hours before getting any work done.

To be honest, it is an absolute waste of someone’s time and energy. How about you surprise them with a brand new printer after the next homecoming holidays? This very functional accessory can help them print their assignment, important notes, and segments in their own time and in the comfort of their own dorm room.

Some printers also come with an inbuilt copier and scanner. This means they can save their energy and time for studying rather than standing on long cues.

3. Fan Attached Laptop Trays

PCs generally have a longer shelf life, irrespective of the usage. However, online classes, tutors, and late-night research can take a toll on a laptop’s battery and processing due to overheating. Now, college students can hardly give their accessories some rest. This is why a laptop tray and fan would be the perfect gift for them.

The laptop tray will provide a sturdy place for the device to stand, and the fan will keep it cool during long study sessions. Or even the gaming night owls because even college students need recreation from time to time.

4. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Among all the studies, assignments, and deadlines, adult work also creeps in. Cleaning and laundry are some of the most important ones. There is no shortcut to laundry, but it is also a chore college students do once a week.

However, when it comes to cleaning your surroundings, one cannot keep it dirty for too long. Especially after the pandemic, a clean environment is mandatory to keep diseases at bay.

An electronic robot vacuum cleaner will do that job. Call it cleaning with fun, especially with the remote control. All they need to do is sit back while your robot cleaner cleans the entire dorm. Their roommates will thank them too!

5. Wake Up Light Alarm

There is nothing more difficult than waking up in the morning for classes all by oneself, especially when they do not have their parents banging on the door until they wake up, just like in the school days.

We all miss those irritating last-minute calls from our parents to wake up before the time when we move to college. Unfortunately, college students have to wake themselves up in spite of all the excuses to skip class.

However, psychologists state that if you wake in a good mood, it is easier to step out of bed and start your day. This is why a wake-up light alarm becomes such a handy dandy gift for a college student.

This alarm doesn’t wake with an irritating noise; rather, it begins with filling the darkened room with a warm sunrise hue. The alarm music notes are mostly morning sounds that peacefully wake you up in a good mood.

These are perfect for the winter days when students have to wake early even though the sun refuses to. At least the light can give the illusion of warm sunshine.

6. Smart Pen

If your college pal already has an iPad, it is time to give them the perfect academic accessory for a college student. A smartpen will not only help them take systematic notes alongside inserting important information on each annotation, but it also makes taking notes fun.

An iPad is perfectly accompanied by a smart pen which can elevate the classroom experience. Plus, for any student, it is much more interesting when they can change colors and fonts, highlight, and take side notes with the same pen. Also, a massive time saver!

7. USB Connected Fan

They are most likely to have a dorm room with Air Conditioning. However, it won’t always be of the top quality. Some will falter in terms of cooling effect and sometimes could be out of service due to other discrepancies.

On a hot summer night, it would be impossible for them to get a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep will eventually lead to a lack of concentration and productivity in classes. This is why a wise gift would be to send them a portable fan.

The cooling effect of these portable fans is sensational, and the best part about these fans is the less energy they consume, making them safer for your pocket and the environment.

8. Anti-Theft Bags With Added USB

Constant charging can be a nuisance when almost everything is happening over mobile devices now. It is also problematic for college students when they are sitting for a lecture, and suddenly a low battery alert is flashed over their laptop and phone.

A backpack with a built-in USB will be your saving grace when the lecture is not even halfway over, and you cannot move to the charging kiosk. A notable advantage of these bags is definitely the anti-theft pocket at the bag which can protect valuable items by keeping them away from the purview of potential thieves.

9. Smart Locks

Thievery is indeed one of the big concerns in a college hostel. The worst part is, being a part of one community, one cannot point fingers at just anyone. Protecting your child from burglaries and losing their precious items is a concern for every parent.

Thus, you should invest in a good smart lock and help them install it in their dormitories on your next visit. A smart lock will not only alert the residents of the room when someone tries to tamper with it, but one can monitor the door even when not inside the house.

Keyless entries can also make it easier for forgetful people not being able to enter the dorm. Finally, college students can stop irritating their roommates when they forget their keys.

10. Amazon Fire Stick

Simply thinking about making their academic life easier wouldn’t do. You also have to think about the college-goer’s recreation. In today’s day and age, getting a television is not that expensive, but paying for cable can be.

So why not give them an Amazon firestick? This will help them pick the OTT channels they want to watch.

Giving them a piece of fun amid all the academic pressure they are dealing with.

Gifts For Every Occasion

It is not always about easing the academic pressure but making their college lair comfortable for the next 3-5 years.

Yes, it is not about the materialistic temptations, but there is love, care, and concern wrapped with each of the tech products which you pick from the bunch.

College helps make memories for a lifetime, and every gift which will help them through this insane time of their life will always hold a special place.

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