Best Stroke Recovery Tools to Regain Arm Function


When you go through a muscle stroke or any kind of hand/arm disability. To improve its functioning you have to go through repetitive exercise to increase its mobility and muscle control. The more you exercise and increase neuroplasticity and brain functioning, the more you will see positive results. 

You may ponder whether you should buy any stroke rehab products for your recovery at home or not. But for quick recovery, you have to buy them. Choosing a proper rehab product for stroke recovery is very important. 

10 Best Stroke Recovery Tools

There are a number of stroke recovery tools available in the market and on as well. But we have discussed the 10 tools among them that have proven to be helpful for stroke recovery patients. 

Functional Orthotics

Functional orthotics improve the goal of when the device is worn. The individual can function and move better with the functional orthotics when it is worn by the user on the upper limb. It gives a low-load stretch to the tendons of tight muscles in flexion. 

Adaptive Equipment for One-Handed Task

It eases the difficulty of an activity. It allows the use of an arm but provides support to each activity. For example, an electric toothbrush relieves the activity of the individual. He does not have to rotate the brush to brush his teeth. Medical-grade adaptive equipment is produced for people with such conditions. Such equipment help increase the independence and functional use of the affected limb.

Universal Cuff For Feeding

It improves muscle functioning for weak hands. The universal cuff provides a limited hand grip that rotates 360 and goes directly in the direction of the mouth. It is perfect for arthritis or patients with immobility disorder and proves to be a great help in feeding. 


People with affected arms and having a stroke can move their affected arm only 32 times maximum. A minimum of 100 repetitions of an arm daily is required to change the neuroplasticity and change in the brain. Individuals use a metronome to tap or clap the beats of it for maximal repetitions. It is easily tolerated by the patient and fun and easy way to achieve the movement. 

Robotics and Brain-Computer Interface Systems

Advanced technologies like upper extremity robotics, virtual reality, and brain-computer allow for high repetition and can produce changes in neuroplasticity in the brain. Upper extremity robotics provide full joint support that results in assistance in active motion and passive motion. The stroke survivor imagines using their upper extremity, an orthotic interrupted them and the movement is produced. 

Electrical Stimulation Products or Mirror Therapy 

Low-grade technologies like these provide muscles with different inputs to produce movements. These are much easier to use than high-grade technologies. It is important to carry out these therapies i.e electrical stimulation or mirror therapy with the help of a therapist for best results. 

Neofect Smart Glove

This smart glove is a high-tech stroke recovery equipment that accelerates the slightest movement of your hand and follows your hand motions. It is a successful way of performing hand exercises at home. You can get a noticeable difference in your hand movements.

Digital Pegboard For Functional And Cognitive Rehab 

Pegboards let you perform different activities that strengthen your motor skills. It requires the use of whole-hand manipulation or overall grasp. By using 21st-century technology, the pegboard nowadays can light up, and interact with you while you exercise. Smart Pegboard offers a variety of exciting games that increases overall 

  • Visual motor skills.
  • Memory.
  • Decision making.
  • Information processing.
  • Hand coordination.
  • Perceptual skills.

Positioning Tool Extender

An extender is for people with mild spasticity or weakness. This positioning tool maintains the appropriate stretch for functioning the hand movement. It has customized tension straps, that encourage the fingers to open in an extended hand position. It is also reversed to secure the grip for holding any object.

Smart Board For Shoulder/Elbow Joint Limitation

Smartboard improves functional reach or range of motion by helping patients perform different gamified activities like table tennis, ping pong, etc. 


Repetition increases mobility. The above-discussed tools increase motion in an engaging way that improves your hand or arm functioning through neuroplasticity. It is the brain’s ability to retain after an injury. 

The above stroke recovery tools list is a basic guide for you to talk to your therapist further about this. A lot can be done to fasten the recovery, thus taking steps toward getting guidance is important.

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