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More than 4.4 billion people uses social media. And that shows more than half the population have access to it. And that is why everybody is concerned about the related effects of using it. Schools, and colleges giving these topics in their assignment. So, they can research and know the effects of it. But there are many types of topics could be suggested and documented. And there is a whole structure and tips available to write the most effect social media essay. So, let’s explore everything that is essential related to the social media essay.

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  • Great Social Media Essay Topics
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  • Pros and Cons of Social Media 

Social Media Essay Structure

So, the most significant thing in any type of essay or assignment writing is its structure.  And like any other essay it also has a proper structure to follow. And following these guidelines and structure will help you make the perfect social media essay. So, let’s see the structure and the outline of it.

1) Introduction

a) Hook the Attention

Introduction is what makes the whole social media essay more attractive and engaging. And that is why writing the first few lines to get the attention. By creating curiosity is what makes the reader stick to the essay. Moreover, write lines that are grabbing attention. And making the reader feel curious about the topic is what makes the perfect start of the essay.

b) Keywords and Thesis

Now, you got the attention in the first few lines with some catchy words. So, then you have to give your read a complete overview or the broad view about what he can expect in the social media essay. Make your thesis look very clear. And always give it a clear view of the topic and the content that you written under. 

c) Thesis

Like I just mentioned that without writing the thesis and giving the reader an overview of which is the main point of research. And you are writing this. And what kind of information does this content contains. Thesis is basically the point in which the whole social media essay is revolving. And the writer has to write according to the thesis he mentioned in the introduction of the social media essay.

2) Body section

After you successfully grab the attention and give it a clear view about the topic with a strong thesis. Now, it is time to show him the proof and evidences you have to prove the point you made. And give all the valuable information. In the body of the social media essay you support your thesis with the perfect available evidence on that topic.

a) First paragraph or Topic Paragraph

The first paragraph or you can say the topic paragraph has the basic information about the main idea of the topic. And in the social media essay topic you should write around a single point that is your thesis. So, this enables the reader a chance to completely understand the topic. 

b) Show Evidences

Now, it is the time to show the evidence that you get from the authentic and credible resources. And show the readers why you are making these points.  Showing an incredible evidence always has a better chance to get the attention.  And to put an impact on the reader. You should use the correct way of referencing and citations. Because this will help you show the reader that whatever you are saying has a value and truth in it.

c) Provide Explanation

So, you presented the evidence and then you have to explain the reader that why you the evidence is supporting the idea. And proving the idea of the thesis. Write the supporting sentences to explain the whole evidence and convince the reader to think like you are thinking.  And for that you need to write the social media essay in a much simpler and clearer form and that is why this sentences or paragraphs are the reason why the students why the writer wrote it. 

d) Conclude the explanation

Now, conclude all the paragraphs that are written in the body of the social media essay. Make sure that your sentences and paragraphs are connected and provide the relevant information for the topic.

3) Conclusion

The conclusion of the social media essay contains all the important points. Like the thesis, evidence, and proofs. And in this paragraph no new points have to be made.  And it should be the summary of all the content written above and you can also take some from any Assignment Helper Malaysia.

Great Social Media Essay Topics

Some of the best social media essay topics are: 

1) Impact and effect of social media in difficult situations.
2) Social media and the population of new generation student’s users.
3) How much potential in social media for brand promotion and marketing?
4) The relation of social media and depression.
5) The Enhancement of fashion brands and their growth with social media.
6) Impact and effect of social media on the behavior of the youth.
7) The ease of shopping and the boom of E-commerce.
8) How targeting audience and reaching potential clients are easy with the use of social media ads.
9) What will be the effect of banning or removing the social media for school children.
10) The use and benefits of social media in marketing and promotion.

Social Media Essays Example

Topic: Is using social media a problem or an efficient solution:


Almost everyone is using social media in the well-developed and underdeveloped countries and that is why there are both sides of using social media. Benefits as well as the disadvantages. Like social media can give you solution for many queries. Or it can produce bad emotions in you as well.

Body Paragraph:

Social media is most used among teenagers and the teenagers use it to make friendships and they consume content that might be beneficial for you as well as give them the disadvantage. 

One of the benefits of social media or you can say the solution is that it tells you news all over the world. And its disadvantage is if you see any kind of content that will make you feel lonely or produce any kind of feeling then it will affect the mental health of the person.


So, these are the advantages and disadvantages of social media. And if you use it according to the need, it will give you the result you are seeking. Moreover, you can use it for the benefits as well as the disadvantages. 

So, this is an example of a social media essay.

Pros & Cons of Social Media


Firstly, you can connect with people all over the world. Secondly, it will give you more business growth opportunities. Thirdly, it also helps in customer response and trust building. And lastly, it has all the connectivity benefits.  


Firstly, anyone can do cyber bullying. And also it will make you feel depressed and alone sometimes. Secondly, it is too addictive and it has many other disadvantages like the mental and physical health due to extreme use. And Another major disadvantage of using it is the risk of losing data.

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