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Best SEO Influencers to Follow on Social Media

Best SEO Influencers

There are influencers for just about every kind of product, service, industry or hobby these days and SEO is no exception. SEO, or search engine optimization, allows your brand to appear higher on search engine lists. It is a relatively new field, developing alongside the online economy, and much of the insight into it comes from people who have researched and worked in the field themselves. SEO influencers are often working as consultants, run private firms or are in some way participating in the landscape of search engine optimization and using public platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to interact with people who are interested in learning more about SEO! Today, SEO is an extremely important aspect for anyone starting a new business. Whether businesses do their own in house or partner with an outside agency, paying attention to your online presence is a must in today’s economy. Let’s take a look at a few major SEO influencers and hear what business leaders have to say about their role in the world of SEO. 

John Rampton 

John Rampton is one of the first names that appears when browsing SEO influencer pages. His story is interesting as well, as Ben Teicher, President and CEO of Healthy Directions tells us. “John Rampton is a great influencer to follow in the SEO spectrum. His story is one of failure and great success, having suffered a debilitating injury prior to beginning his career as an influencer and consultant. You can find his work on his twitter page and through Forbes and Huffington Post to get a feel for his unique perspective.”

Travis Wright

Many influencers today are talking about the impact of NFT’s, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies and their impact on the economy and marketing trends. Look no further than Travis Wright for all the best info on these topics and their influence on digital marketing! “Travis Wright combines humor with SEO wisdom on his channels. Those looking for a fun but serious way to learn more about the current world of marketing and the economic influences, such as crypto and NFT’s, that shape current practices,” said David A. DiLorenzo, President of Valentino Beauty Pure.

Barry Schwartz 

Barry Schwartz is known for reducing costs and increasing profits for businesses using his agency’s online tools. Matt Miller, Founder and CEO of Embroker said “A must follow for SEO influencing tips is Barry Schwartz. His SEO agency Rusty Brick has helped many other companies and agencies decrease their costs and increase their profits by using online technology to help these companies optimize their search results. He is known for running many blogs dedicated to high level SEO topics. One example is the blog Search Engine Roundtable.”

Danny Sullivan

Danny has had a long and revolutionary career in SEO. Brittany Dolin, Co-Founder of the Pocketbook Agency said excitedly, “Don’t overlook Danny Sullivan! Danny has over half a million follows and amazingly has a career in SEO that predates the existence of google! You can follow his twitter for daily updates, but the blog on Danny’s website is a goldmine for SEO advice.”

Neil Patel

Be sure to check out Neil Patel, his agencies and his twitter page for great tips geared at those doing their own SEO! “Neil Patel is one of the greatest SEO influencers. He provides many insights into keyword management, rank tracking, and link tracking. Neil Patel does have payment options, but his blog is stocked full of free tips and tricks to boost SEO and digital marketing in general. He has a lot of focus on Google digital marketing as the main search engine,” said Brandon Adcock, Co-Founder and CEO of Nugenix.

Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin is also becoming somewhat of a household name for all things SEO. Seb Evans, Co-Founder of Banquist tells us a bit more about Rand’s specialities, “Rand Fishkin is the co-founder of Spark Toro, a company designed to help brands improve their market research and discover where their customers are actually spending time for more creative and customized marketing strategies. His Twitter page is also filled with great tips, shares and posts about marketing, SEO and tech.” 

Aleyda Solis 

Aleyda is a really interesting and topical character in the online marketing world. Her focus on providing support to remote workers is an especially inspiring draw towards her social outlets. “Definitely check out Aleyda Solis for a new and fresh take on SEO and business resources. Aleyda is an international SEO consultant and is the founder of a remote space for workers called Remoters,” said Will Watters, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Western Rise.

Andrew Shotland 

Founder of several major blogs and consultant to major television networks, Andrew Shotland’s twitter page is definitely worth checking out. “Andrew Shotland has a breadth of experience and is the founder of Local SEO Guide. He’s also known for helping large level companies such as showtime and and NBC launch some of their first websites,” said Chris Cronin, Co-founding Partner at Kitanica.

Areej AbuAli 

Areej is an awesome force in the SEO and tech world and is working to create more space and empowerment for women of color in tech. “Areej AbuAli is a powerful force for women in SEO right now. She is the founder of Women in Tech SEO and is dedicated to empowering women and people of color in the tech industry,” said Daniel Osman, Head of Sales at Balance Homes.

Matt Cutts 

Matt Cutts has had a rich career both in the public and private sectors. “Matt Cutts used to work for Google, making him a definite expert on SEO. He has since gone on to work for USDS (United States Digital Service) and his twitter page is filled with great insights into digital marketing from the perspective of a government official,” said Joseph Lau of Alchemy.

Shama Hyder 

Shame Hyder is a young SEO influencer, making the advice on her twitter page and blogs more attractive for a millennial audience. “Shama Hyder is a relatively new personality in the mix, but has made huge strides by being one of the youngest SEO influencers out there. Her perspective is uniquely geared towards a millennial audience, attracting younger audiences who are just starting to fortify their place in the world,” said Manny Medina of Outreach.

All of these influencers have unique takes and experiences with SEO and digital marketing, and all have active Twitter pages you can check out today! No matter what experience you and your company comes from, any of these influencers will be worth checking out to gain a little more perspective on how to make your company more visible! 

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