Best-selling author JJ Hebert reveals top new features of the Mindstir Media platform for authors

As an author, it is important to execute all details during the process of self-publishing which entails handling the complete process of printing, distributing, and marketing. Best-selling author and founder of MindStir Media J.J. Hebert has given his insight into this process as well as the brand-new self-publishing packages they offer on their astute platform. 

MindStir Media: An award-winning self-publishing company

Founded over a decade ago, MindStir Media has published nearly 600 titles and has been ranked by the likes of Penny Matters and BestTechie as the top best self-publishing websites and companies. Boasting with many award-winning and best-selling books of virtually every genre some honorable mentions include novels by Arnold Kane a 3-time Emmy Award Nominee and writer of TV hits Webster, The Jeffersons, and The Love Boat, Sho Kosugi best known for feature films Revenge of the Ninja, Ninja Assassin, and The Scorpion King, as well as Don Miller producer of the award-winning film If I Could Run who has also titled and published a book under the same name with MindStir Media. 

Hebert has also got some impressive credentials and was an immediate success with his debut novel Unconventional which sold over 100,000 copies and he is also a 9-time award-winning author of four #1 Amazon Best Sellers. He has appeared in major international publications such as Inc and Yahoo Finance, Entrepreneur and Forbes and has said “the way it unfolded was rather organic. I was contacted by many authors; they saw the success of my book, and I was just flooded with requests to see if I could help others replicate that success.” 

Self-Publishing Packages that make the difference 

The process of self-publishing could mean that some authors find themselves overwhelmed by the numerous tasks that need to be completed in order for their book to reach the eye of the public. What MindStir Media offers is a complete feature that allows authors to utilize their top-notch services which include having your very own professional team which consists of a book designer, project manager, editor, and an assigned bestselling author who will act as a mentor and coach throughout the procedure. J.J. Hebert is one of those exclusive mentors and has experience with providing thousands of consultations to authors nationwide. With his assistance, every author he collaborates with will have his help in publishing and marketing – an opportunity that no other publisher in the industry offers. 

The Process of Self-Publishing with MindStir Media

As an advocate for authors, Hebert guarantees that MindStir Media offers premium publishing services and with varying packages to choose from each includes editing, interior layout, the design of the cover, ISBN assignment, marketing, barcode generation, and anything else necessary to create the vision of the author. Once the book has been finalized copies will be printed and delivered directly to those who have ordered it on behalf of the author and an additional option is made available where author copies can also be ordered and shipped right to your door. With this new feature, as an author, you will be able to sell copies on your own website or you can showcase them if you have in-person events arranged.  A major benefit that accompanies working with MindStir Media is that all authors get 100% of their royalties after publication. They also offer a complete guide to self-publishing which is completely free and can simply be downloaded from their website. Here is a run-down of what you can expect from their Self-Publishing Guide:

The MindStir Media Process

This is a sensational and highly detailed outline of each step MidStir Media takes as part of their publishing process.

Self-Publishing Packages

All MidStir Medias’ publishing packages are curated and compiled in one place with each publishing option displayed side-by-side along with the respective pricing. 

Marketing and Advertising Services

A list of marketing and advertising services are listed which will ultimately help authors sell more books.

What Authors Are Saying

See what authors working with MidStir Media are saying in order to real testimonials from those already in the business. 

Affiliated with MindStir Media     

Since the big idea of writing a book is getting people to read it then MindStir Media is by far the best when it comes to its distribution network which reaches up to 30,000 booksellers, retailers, and wholesales spanning to 100 countries whilst providing well-known options such as Amazon, Powell’s, Books-A-Million, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, and Barnes & Noble. With the help of Hebert, along with his competent team, they will make sure any self-publishing author is provided with solid guidance and an international platform to build their clients’ fan base. 

Swimming with the Sharks

Since founded in 2009 MindStir Media has been affiliated with numerous high-end companies and brands, but one that has more recently stood out is their partnership with ABC’s hit show Shark Tank’s original shark, Kevin Harrington who has said “becoming an author has changed my life, and it can change yours too – with the help of MindStir Media”. His endorsement reinforces the core principle that as an author you can trust that with the help of J.J. and his MindStir Media team you will be able to reach that next level with your book. 

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