Best Router Setup To Eliminate Dead Spots Of WiFi 

Wavlink needs to be set up well. If your router is facing issues in moving smoothly. We are up with a number of tips on the Setup. Let’s just slip down in the article.

The Features Of The Wavlink Router 

If you are a Wavlink ac1200 router manual user, then you know how efficiently it works. But if it is not efficient as you expected, then it may be because of the wrong configuration. Now let us just start with the configuration. 

The Wavlink routers are designed to work for various operating systems and devices. Many users use Wavlink routers and connect them with different operating systems such as Mac OS, Windows, Linux, etc. So, they need to configure their devices in order to ensure they are working properly with their router.

You have purchased a new Wavlink router very recently or if you have just bought one of the routers yourself, then it is very important for you to Set up your device so that it will work potentially. If the configuration process goes incorrectly, then the user will not be able to get maximum benefits out of this device which can result in speed and connectivity-related problems.

Troubleshoot Common Issues With WiFi Router 

  • In the beginning, lookup for the WiFi connection.
  • Thereafter, verify the settings of the router’s.
  • Analyse the firmware version of the router.
  • Check the router’s security settings.
  • Verify the router’s firewall settings.
  • Dynamic Host settings and Protocol needs to be checked.
  • Some DHCP clients are responsible for acquiring an IP address and default gateway from a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server on your network.
  • If the setting is disabled, you’ll need to configure both of these values for each device connected to your Wavlink WiFi router.
  • A properly configured NTP (Network Time Protocol) server will allow the other devices on your network. For automatically updating the time stamps with an accurate time from an external source using NTP servers worldwide. 

App Features:

  • Be aware of your network downloading speed.
  • Check how many devices are connected Access the network map.
  • On the network, perform the speed test.
  • For your family or friends, you can create a guest network.
  • Usually, keep parental control.
  • From DNS lookup and computer profile, you can access different tools.

How To Setup Through AP Setup Mode

  • In the very first step, open a web browser and type the web address There login into the web management page of the extender.
  • After that, reach the operating mode of AP Setup Wavlink. Then select the on-switch mode. Although it will take some minutes to switch.
  • Therefore, use an ethernet wire to connect with a LAN port.
  • Now, connect the extender to a power extension, But make sure to wait for the LED Light to turn on.
  • As a result, connect your router to the extended networks and enjoy the Internet.

Access Wavlink login Page Prior to Check-ups 

Check whether your desktop or laptop is perfectly set up with your mobile device like a laptop or different OS windows 7, 8, 10, or Mac iOS mobile devices.

  • Place Wavlink router as advisable:
  • Wavlink WiFi must be placed above.
  • Make sure to replace a broken cable if there is any.
  • Avoid keeping electromagnetic devices like refrigerators and microwave ovens at the same distance.
  • Always try to keep the router and the existing extender close together.
  • Scan your device against malware and viruses. 
  • Although if you find any virus remove it at the same time.

Note: If the Wavlink website may have some problem working, it will show an error message and reject the connection with the Orbi local login panel.

  • Clear the cookies from the browser. Only use reliable apps and websites to send notifications.
  • For giving the command to your prompt panel :
  • Type the command in the search bar
  • Open the command prompt then it will ask for your permission to delete the files.

If the server is not connecting to the Wavlink router then, most probably there are some setup errors.  Firstly, try to reboot your system softly. Later, try to open your browser and access the portal of the wavlink default website.

What Does The Red Light Means?

The disappearance of the blue light could really affect the signal strength of the Wavlink router. If the red light is blinking what does it indicate?

  • Red lights mean that you can hardly connect the internet to the router. Something is there which is blocking the interconnection or the existing extender is out of the signal’s coverage. 
  • We can also say that the router might not be syncing with the existing extender. After a while when you are up for the synchronization process. But, if the red light still persists then the process is for sure unsuccessful.
  • Before doing anything make sure whether the light is coming from the extender or the Wavlink AC1200 setup.


We hope the steps we have given in the article were able to satisfy your needs. As we have considered Setting up all the models of wavlink like the wavlink ac1200 router manual, Wavlink AC1200 Setup, and all other parameters also and for more help visit wavlink customer service.

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