Best Rebase AUTO-Staking & AUTO- Compounding Protocol in Crypto – Highest Fixed APY – 953,456% – Get Rewards Every 3 Seconds

When the market is falling apart. fundamentally backed-up projects like GBANK still trying to deliver the best returns to the customers. Our team of super-experienced devs, market makers, and marketers have tried to create an ecosystem that will be more sustainable against the test of the bear markets.

GBANK APY (GBK) is transforming Defi with the GBANK Auto Staking Protocol (GBK) that delivers the industry’s highest fixed APY, rebasing rewards every 3 seconds, and a simple buy-hold-earn system that grows your portfolio in your wallet, fast.

$GBK has shown an astonishing growth of more than 307% in just a month and it’s holding the ground even in this market only because of our strong tokenomics and dedicated community that will push us to the moon.

GBANK offers a fixed staking APY of 953 456.58% to every holder. Gbank Apy also rewards holders with automatic compounding interest, increasing their GBK holdings over time.

We have decided on a Buy Tax of 12% and a Sell Tax of 14% to create a healthy project economy for everyone.

Our Major Features

> Tokenomics

GBANK APY is a BEP-20 token. 4% of all trading fees are stored in the Insurance Fund which helps sustain and back the staking rewards provided by the positive rebase.

>Automatic LP

6% of the trading fees return to the liquidity ensuring $GBANK APY increasing collateral value.

>The GBK Burn

2%of all $GBANK APY traded are burnt in The GBK Burn. The more that is traded, the more reducing the circulating supply.


3% of the purchases and 4% of the sales go directly to the treasury which supports the Gfund.

How much can I earn?

At the end of the year and with USD 1000 of $GBK invested. You can earn up to USD 9,535,565.80 of $GBK at 953,456.58% APY*.

(Earnings are calculated in a scenario where the MPS sustains the rebase reward for 365 days.)

Gbank ecosystem will also be expanded to the P2e, Nft, and Metaverse Game Bank with GBANK P.L.A.Y.

Major Pointers: –

>Your GBANK APY (GBK) Tokens Give You Access to P.L.A.Y.

>Easy to Enter Easy to Play

>Multiple our Best Games! pay and Get Paid Instantly

>We have multiple games with Instant deposit and withdrawal systems

>Even if you don’t win, keep all of your money!

Hodl $GBK today and rave long-term profits with use while becoming a part of an ever-expanding decentralized ecosystem.

$GBK is now listed on one of the largest crypto indexes – Nomics

Check here –

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Buy Now =

Contact Person Name: Robert Inge

Company: Gbank foundation


Address: Boulevard plaza level 14, Tower one, Blvd, Dubai

Country: UAE


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