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Best Reasons To Use a Corporate Event Planner in 2022

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Advertising, marketing and corporate branding efforts have changed over the years. It’s a fact today that events and experiential marketing are now leading sales-boosters, and that 54% of leading brands believe that events have become the leading marketing channel.

It’s no wonder then that event-organizing has taken on new life; as the new year dawns, statistics are overwhelmingly in favor of events to ensure success in the coming year. Eighty-four percent of corporate leaders confirm that they consider in-person events to be a critical component of success. In addition, 90% of Millennials and Gen Z report that they are more apt to share social media photos of events than of new clothing or accessories, and 78% of Millennials say that they prefer to spend money on experiences versus material things.

Planning a major event — whether it’s a fundraiser, a corporate seminar, a recognition banquet or a product intro — is, however, a lot of work. It requires preparing a strict timeline, specialized expertise, and budget controls if it’s to be effective. Working with an experienced corporate event planner makes good sense in terms of both logistics and finances. 

Corporate Event Planners Make the Work Easy

Once you have determined the scope and purpose of the event, including the target audience and the number of guests, as well as the budget, it is advisable to solicit ideas and bids from several corporate event planners in the NYC area. 

Hiring a firm with specialized experience makes good sense in terms of both logistics and finances. Corporate event planners make the job easy! Discuss ideas and recommended venues, and choose an event organizing team that demonstrates the type of resourcefulness, commitment and expertise that meshes with your demands. 

With a long list of satisfied clients, 23 Layers has earned a reputation as one of the premier corporate event planners NYC firms can rely upon for delivering exceptional results. It is a firm with a long list of satisfied clients, and a distinctive record of success in terms of dynamic and challenging public and private events.

How to Work with Corporate Event Planners in NYC

Your first consultation should put you at ease. The 23 Layers team will listen to your ideas, ask pertinent questions and help you define your goals. You will have every opportunity to interact during the planning process, and the event-planning team’s prowess and professionalism can’t help but establish trust.

Price-conscious Planning

Your budget is always a top-of-funnel concern. The corporate event planners NYC firms trust, such as 23 Layers, will never exceed your financial limitations, preferring instead to maximize their creativity to create an event to remember.

Experiential Expertise

Results that exceed expectations are the norm at 23 Layers. As distinctive corporate event planners, their events combine strategic thinking with creative vision and thoughtful design to assure that people and brands are connected in unique and interesting ways.

That’s the essence of marketing and branding success in 2022.

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