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Best Raw Dog Food Options For Your Pet’s Health

Pets can be loving and fun creatures to live with. Sharing your personal space with them is like opening your heart out to them. That is why pets become too fond of people in a short period when given love and care. In this regard, dogs are absolutely lovely creatures with an immense sense of care and loyalty that they show to their owners in return for the attention they are given with love. However, keeping your dog healthy is essential for their life. They need to be fed with a balanced diet that is a blend of processed, home-cooked, or raw dog food.

When feeding your grown dog or puppy with a healthy diet, make sure you are giving them the properly required amount of ingredients and nutrients that are essential for their growth. A balanced diet with healthy options of raw dog food can increase your dog’s bone strength and muscle growth. Here are a few options that are offered by one of the UK’s best brands for pet food; Poppy’s Picnic:

It is essential to give your pet fresh raw food instead of the one that has been kept in the refrigerator for a long time. This is necessary if your dog is quite active throughout the day, for instance, if you are training them for games or other jobs. Such dogs will require more calories and healthy diets for bone growth. For increased bone power, the RAW POWER food pack is perfect as a raw dog food option. It contains wild boar, beef, chicken, turkey, and lamb meat. 

Similarly, if you are conscious about your dog’s weight and do not want them to look obese and unhealthy, feed them with the MIGHTY MINCE food pack which is filled with seeds, oils, and botanicals mixed in beef, chicken, and wild boar meat, that are light in weight but full of nutrition for your dog.

Then there is another option: the POWER BALLS food pack. This pack is filled with raw meatballs with perfect portions that are specifically beneficial for small dogs. These can be cooked or eaten raw and provide nutrition and energy for a longer time.

Along with these packs for the adult dogs, the puppies can be fed with the PUPPY POWER food packs that are made specifically for the growing little puppies. Their bone and muscles require the protein and minerals which are provided through this specific food pack. This pack is ideal for puppies up to 12 months.

Apart from these meals, your dog might also like some snacks as treats. These are also available at the Poppy Picnic store: Canine cleaners, fishy super sprinkles, red berry super sprinkles, beef and lamb broth, liver, ox heart, venison, and pheasant bites, and fish skin chews.

Making a detailed meal plan with a balanced diet is very important for your dog. This is where you might need the help of professionals. The Poppy Picnic helps you devise a meal plan for your beloved pet that will be vet-approved, natural, and freshly made. You can subscribe to the meal plans for a perfect diet strategy for your dog.

Having a dog at home is fun yet a responsible task. Your pet requires care and attention just like a baby. Make sure your dog is being fed with perfect and healthy raw dog food options that will determine his growth, strength, and overall wellbeing.

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