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Quality Control Solution

A good quality control and assurance system in any organization or firm are essential. The ability to have standardized operations with well-defined parameters enables companies to deliver products and services with a few variations on the performance and quality that can keep customers happy and satisfied. Harrington Group International’s QMS software is a digital system that can help any company achieve its quality targets.

Do I Need A QMS Software?

Quality is the backbone of any company. Delivering consistently means that customers are happy and there are not variations that can lead to consumer dissatisfaction. Manually using quality systems is helpful, but in modern times when everything is about efficiency and speed, the laborious work can slow you down.

Using good QMS software can result in a lot of performances improvement including:

  • Data Management: The game is all about handling generated data. A good software will be able to take a variety of inputs and keep them in an organized manner.
  • Internal Procedure Handling: Quality is only achievable if there is strict control on the implementation of different procedures. The software should be well designed and strong enough that there is data input at each and every stage which it can check to ensure that all parameters are within the accepted range.
  • Key Gap Identification: The software should be flexible enough to identify areas where there is a lack of quality control or places that can benefit from improved systems.
  • Analysis: Gathering data and handling SOPs is one thing but crunching the numbers is another thing. Without the ability to analyze the data generated, a company or an organization cannot get into the roots of issues and improve their systems.

HGINT QMS Software

HGINT is a business solutions company that has years of experience in building different management systems. Over years, the HGINT QMS software has been used by hundreds of organizations all over the world to bring improvements to their existing quality systems. The software is designed to be flexible and supports a wide range of industries and sectors.

HGINT QMS Software offers a number of benefits, such as:

  • Ease of Use: No matter how good a quality management software is, if it is not user-friendly, it will ultimately lead to inaccuracies in data input as employees will find it difficult to use it. HGINT’s version is extremely easy to use and adaptable for wide quality functions.
  • Reports: High quality and intelligent reporting make it easier to include raw data into information that is easily digestible. A good reporting system makes it easy for users to identify any lacking and gaps in their operations.
  • Information and Procedure Accuracy: Whenever an instruction or procedure is updated or changed, the HGINT QMS software lets all parties and employees involved be aware of it. This eliminates the possibility of having two different sets of data and information.
  • Data Retrieval: Data on HGINT QMS Software is instantaneous with all users able to access the central repository. Rather than have a large record room with manual filing and retrieving, employees have access to all records at the clicks of a few buttons.
  • Multi-Device Support: It doesn’t matter if you are using a PC or a mobile device. HGINT offers the QMS software on multiple operating systems, enabling a firm to use a range of computers and mobile devices, a must for employees who travel frequently.
  • ISO 9001 Compatibility: Any firm that wants regulatory compliance knows the importance of ISO 9001:2015, the globally accepted quality management standard. HGINT’s software is ISO compliant and is in line with the standards defined in it.

Normally, a QMS software for small businesses can be an issue as they are not aimed to cater to small-sized operations. The HGINT QMS software is designed to be flexible and can cater to both small and large organizations.


Harrington Group International is a business solutions firm that developers different software for organizations to leverage and increase their productivity. Set up in 1991, three decades of experience has made it the leader in its industry and today has more than 45 thousand satisfied clients all over the world.

The HGINT QMS software allows firms all over the world to automate their quality management and bring inefficiencies and speed, at the same time enabling their employees to deliver a better service. The firm has a strong history in quality systems and helps other companies build a strong foundation to improve their performances. 

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