Best Project Management and Issue Tracking Software

Project Management and Issue Tracking

As products skyrocket in size and complexity, system tracking issues begin to arise. This time, conventional Excel sheets can no longer counteract software issues. When this happens, using an issue tracking software is a game-changer. Not only did it improve the quality of a software product, but it ensures team productivity at the same time. A question surfaces: what is an issue tracking software? In this article, the benefits of issue tracking tools are outlined and listed for each purpose and function.

What is an Issue?

Change is a constant characteristic of software development. All project management has the main objective of changing something. For example, a system or its parts need to be upgraded, fixed, or replaced. This aims to provide better functionality, easy access, and lessen operation expenses. However, an issue will likely arise from a system or software. An issue is described as a problem, grievance, or criticism from the use or customer. This issue arises when a user met certain challenges or problems while using a software product. Most of the time, an issue is confused with a bug report in the system, but not all issues are related to bugs. It can be a customer question for a product as well.

In relation to this, an Issue Tracking System Software is needed to counteract the issue. This time, an issue should be fixed and addressed right away. Luckily, there is an issue tracking software created to fix and track an issue in the system.

What is an Issue Tracking Software?

There is an old adage in software development that says any program is never truly finished. There is something that needs to be fixed, changed, or added. Ultimately, software is the tool needed to accomplish tasks of fixing and changing a system. Conventionally, companies use spreadsheets to record, maintain, and report issues. With the emergence of technology, issue tracking software has been growing and helping companies address issues in their software product.

In simpler words, an issue tracking software is a support tool that addresses customer queries and bug problems. It monitors and updates progress in a company’s software product. Issue tracking software aids busy support team management in managing customer demand and tracking bug problems.

Also, an employee who notices a problem in the product system can report it back to the issue tracking software. This makes the job easier which in turn, supports customer service and updates bug problems. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one.

Modern Issue Tracking Software

Issue tracking software is especially marked because these are tools designed to support customer service and track bug problems at the same time. Most of the best issue tracking software systems in 2021 has the following features:

  • Shares information across the team;
  • Instant overview of the state of the software;
  • Expertly supports busy companies in customer service and bug problems;
  • Sets and updates the importance of changes and fixes in the system;
  • Records the history of changes.

Benefits of Issue Tracking Software

Issue tracking system software, if used effectively, can bring ample benefits and advantages in supporting customer service and bug problems that may arise in a certain software product.

Here are some of the essential benefits of using issue tracking software.

1. Address the Problem on Its Initial Stage

Using issue tracking software is an essential tool in detecting a bug or a defect in its initial stage. This will save time, effort, and expenses if the defect is addressed right away. An issue tracking software provides real-time updates in a software product for the company.

This will also increase the satisfaction level of users and customers. If a customer problem is addressed right away using issue tracking software, it will lessen the overall complexity of the problem. An issue tracking software is a perfect tool to identify initial problems and provide solutions right away.

2. Improve the Quality of a Software Product

The software industry is a competitive market. Releasing a software product with high quality and performance is an essential edge against other competitors. An issue tracking software is your best card in ensuring a competent product software.

Since issues are already managed and bug problems are reported, this guarantees the improved quality of the software product. When there is a high-quality software product, it will likely impact the level of customer satisfaction.

3. Ensures Accountability

Issue tracking software assigns certain issues to specific people in a team. This time, it’s easy to know who is working on a specific problem at any given time and moment. In a company or an organization, it is essential that everyone is assigned a specific role to accomplish.

Using issue tracking software guarantees accountability in a company. This tool helps in managing teamwork and shortening the amount of time given to address a customer query or a bug problem. An issue tracking tool lessens the time of work and offers transparent tracking performance.

4. Reduce Expenses

An issue tracking software will eventually lessen the cost and expenses allotted for software development. This tool can deal with varying levels of complexity in a software product. The issue tracking tool can target bug problems and increase user satisfaction at the earliest stage of a product.

An issue without an effective issue tracking software can be time-consuming and costly. It is complex to handle bug problems and customer problems if team members are not equipped with a tracking tool that updates them about the changes and progress of a problem.

5. Increases Productivity of a Team

An issue tracking software provides efficient collaboration and teamwork in an entire team. A tracking tool unifies the team of testers and developers of a software product. It allows them to communicate and track the progress of a problem at hand.

Issue tracking tools assign workloads for each specific team member. There is an update for the current status of the software product and allows the person who is responsible for the next step in addressing the problem. This time, the entire team is working on something and the problem is targeted at hand.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been trying to manage customer queries and bug problems in a software product, using issue tracker software is an essential tool that bridges the gap between the product developer and user. Companies and organizations find it instrumental to use issue tracking software in their workloads. Clearly, the benefits of issue tracking tools overweigh their challenges.

Indeed, issue tracking software is a powerhouse solution molded to aid and help software companies. This goes to say that issue tracking tools are instrumental tools in software development.

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