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Best Press Release Distribution Services In India To Publish Press Release On Yahoo Finance


Yahoo! Finance has been aggregating news since 1996.  It progressed from simply displaying news from the BBC and CNN websites to hiring celebrity news anchors such as Katie Couric to stream and report live news.  The website receives approximately 264 million monthly visits and is ranked 169th globally and 24th in the news.   

Yahoo! Finance, which was created in 1997, publishes finance-related news alongside Yahoo! News.  Yahoo! Finance, the 22nd most popular news website, offers unbiased and comprehensive financial news. 

Millions of readers rely on both sites. However, Yahoo! does not accept press releases directly.  Having a public relations firm market your content on Yahoo! is costly.   

You can reach Yahoo! through a newswire, a Yahoo Finance press release distribution company, or an authorised news outlet. Press release distribution services are inexpensive and adaptable.  They collaborate with media outlets to publish your press release at the right time and to the right audience.  

What exactly is Press Release Distribution? 

Press release distribution services prepare and deliver press releases to journalists and news organizations. Press releases provide information on a narrative idea, such as your company’s environmental initiative or a new book by an author.  

Any story can be shared with a press release distribution service’s network. Journalists will then go through press releases looking for story ideas. If the right person discovers your press release, Forbes or the New York Times may publish it. Brand awareness and authority increase!

How Much Should One Prepare To Pay To Distribute A Press Release?  

If you’re a real marketer, you’ll find the sweet spot between $250 and $1,000, where you can be sure to get at least some press.  

We caution against purchasing PR distribution packages for less than $250, especially those priced at $100 or $150, as their main goal is to email your press release to every journalist and news source they can locate.  

This implies that your press release announcement will be viewed as spam. Additionally, they have a poor history of being picked up and syndicated. In other words, you’re wasting your time, effort, and perhaps even a hundred or even a hundred and fifty dollars.

Press Release Distribution Services in India 


While SeoXnewsWire’s primary value lies in its integration with authoritative information and search engines like Yahoo!, the service has many additional applications as well.   

If you want your press release to reach as many potential customers in your target market as possible, SeoXnewsWire will publish it on Yahoo Finance.

Editing releases for clarity prior to going live is a great feature of SeoXnewsWire. Including interactivity and aesthetic appeal in your news releases may help them get noticed.   

Several different reports are available in the program to help you monitor your PR work.

Business Wire India 

Business Wire India, a dependable news release distribution service, targets mostly the Indian market while also offering worldwide coverage.  

By facilitating access to Yahoo Finance and other significant news outlets, you will be able to reach a large audience of financial professionals, investors, and journalists.  

Business Wire India gives you the option of having your news releases translated and distributed in several languages and guarantees that they will adhere to all local standards.

PRWeb India 

PRWeb India is an easy-to-use news release distribution solution that allows businesses of all sizes to effectively engage with their target audience.  

When you utilise PRWeb India, your press releases can be delivered to Yahoo Finance as well as other major news websites and search engines.  

The distribution service offers a variety of pricing options, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your financial circumstances as well as the needs of your business. 

MediaWire India 

MediaWire India offers extensive news release distribution services tailored to the needs of the Indian market. Because of the targeted distribution that you will receive on Yahoo Finance, you will be able to gain visibility among financial professionals, investors, and decision-makers.  

If you use MediaWire India’s additional services, such as media monitoring and social media amplification, your press releases will have the greatest possible impact.


When it comes to sharing your news, NewsVoir, which is a well-known press release distribution agency in India, focuses a strong emphasis on directing it toward the suitable audience.  

It gives distribution on Yahoo Finance, which raises the possibility that professionals in the financial business, journalists, and possible investors will read your news releases.  

Using the complete analytics and data that are provided by NewsVoir, you are able to keep track of how well your press releases are performing and make adjustments so that any future campaigns perform even better.

Prowly India 

Prowly India is a cutting-edge press release distribution business that integrates media relationship management features into its press release distribution capabilities.  

It consolidates the management of your media connections and interactions into a single location, allowing you to issue your press releases on Yahoo Finance and other relevant platforms at the same time.  

Prowly India gives you the ability to personalise press release templates and provides analytics to help you evaluate the success of your marketing efforts.

India PR Distribution 

When it comes to distributing press releases to numerous Indian media outlets, such as Yahoo Finance, India PR Distribution is the industry leader.  

It ensures that your news reaches a targeted audience of financial sector professionals, investors, and journalists.  

India PR Distribution can provide you with customised distribution strategies as well as expert coaching to help you produce engaging press releases that will resonate with the audience you want to reach.

VeeTrack India  

The service of media monitoring and distribution of press releases that is provided by VeeTrack India is exhaustive. It gives you the opportunity to access a large audience interested in financial news and updates by offering distribution on Yahoo Finance.  

VeeTrack India gives you the ability to monitor the visibility of your press releases as well as the engagement they receive across a variety of media outlets by providing real-time tracking of those releases. 


Press release distribution services can be quite advantageous to your company.  They are inexpensive, simple to use, and place your news in the hands of professionals who guarantee it reaches the intended audience.  Furthermore, press release distribution firms collaborate with huge websites like Yahoo! to provide advertisers with exposure on their powerful and widely-read platforms.  

There are no two press release distribution providers that are alike.  Take some time when developing your PR and marketing plan to figure out what you want from your press release and who it should be directed at.   

Discuss how you want Yahoo! to work for you with your team.  Then, research all of the different press release distribution providers to locate one that meets your requirements.  This way, you can assure that you are getting the best value for your money and the best return on investment. 

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