Best Practices in Web Application Security that Help Prevent Threats

Web applications have gained tremendous traction in recent years due to their capacity to provide seamless digital experiences. But in spite of their user-friendliness, web apps feature one core drawback: low security. The pandemic with its restrictions on physical operations has led to a sudden spike in web app attacks. 

A massive increase in cyberattacks of 800% was registered in 2020. As a consequence, web app owners and business leaders started paying more attention to strengthening security. Recent trends in web & mobile app development Dallas reported that most web app users are prone to cyberattacks. In spite of such a worrying percentage, many companies treat web app security superficially. To prevent an event from tearing apart your business, the following best practices will help prevent future threats. 

Treat security seriously from the initial development phase 

In design and development, security matters. Make sure that all developers are familiar with your policies before writing any line of code. Think in advance and pin down the various ways cyber attackers could hack your web app. Threat modeling is an excellent exercise for your development team. It will help them acknowledge that the risk is real, as well as seek solutions to address any unforeseen challenges. It is recommended that you train your developers on SANS and OWASP web app security checklists. In addition, you can consider teaching secure code practices, always remembering factors such as SQL injection and input checks. 

Have a web app security plan in place 

Begin with a plan that can state your project’s goals and objectives in terms of security. Next, move on to prioritizing different interests like brand identity and compliance. Regardless of your priorities, make your plan actionable. It should include practical steps and clear guidelines to strengthen security. To get it done smoothly, all stakeholders in your project must be involved. Collaborate, talk about solutions, and assign security roles to keep everyone organized.  

Have a web app inventory & and settle on priorities  

Every organization has a certain number of web applications they use in their daily activities. Make an inventory of all apps, and start assessing how often you actually use them. Redundant, outdated apps should be terminated as they most likely feature security risks. Old, unused apps lack maintenance and updates. This means, that they’re the most susceptible to a cyber attack. 

Rigorous testing

Testing is a fundamental aspect of a web app’s security because it helps identify flaws in advance. It can be a resourceful and time-consuming step. However, there are ways to streamline your efforts. Confidentiality and integrity should come first as they ensure the proper safekeeping of all information that is confidential and private. Next, try not to overlook authentication. Prior to logging into a web app, every user should be vetted. This prevents breaches and ensures a transparent authentication process. 

Security awareness & training among teams

Cybersecurity is all about taking precautionary measures in advance to prevent a disaster. Even though business owners can’t know for sure that their web app is a target, it pays to be prepared. Usually, cyber attackers can have a target in mind, and there have been cases of international web apps being hacked. However, that’s not a guarantee and you shouldn’t take that risk. The digital realm is puzzling, and security vulnerabilities lurk at every corner. One small mistake can cost you all of the work put into developing a stellar web application. 

In conclusion, web developers and business leaders should acknowledge that every application is unsafe the moment it hits the market. To stop unforeseen threats, the key is to always be prepared. Your web development team, stakeholders, and basically every team member should have basic training on best app security practices. Think of a practical guide to help everyone out and don’t make compromises in terms of testing and maintenance.

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